Clearing Blocks


As I start to fill in a new phone book, I realize that I have been carrying around names of people who are no longer a part of my experience.  They played a role in my journey, but we have come to a fork in the road and we have gone on our separate ways.

Most have moved on harmoniously and I wish each the absolute best, but I need to lighten my paper load.  Each brought a blessing in some form or fashion and we enriched one another in some way.

Yet, they have their karma and I am continually creating karma so I ceremoniously release them and let them go at the beginning of the New Year. When we clean out our houses, we are unconsciously clearing away subtle blockades and making room for the new.

Yet, there always seems to be a vacant spot or space that needs to be  filled.  So, we make a trip to the store to buy something new to give us that sense of fullness and completion.

Life is like that.  As we embark upon the freshness of 2017, we clear away the excess. We release those things from our surroundings or those people who are no longer around us.  Then, we can attract new friends, new jobs, new networks along with the miracles that accompany new beginnings.

As my mind can conceive of more good, the barriers and blocks dissolve.  My life becomes full of little miracles popping up out of the blue,” writes Louise Hay.

Lynn M.                                                                                                      January 7, 2016

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