“Behold, I make all things new!”
{Rev 21:5}

It’s a new year and it is still January, the first month of the year.  The last few days here have been gloomy with a heavy overcast of clouds and fog.  It dampened many spirits and the outlook felt bleak.  The weather men and weather women kept promising that the sun would surely return as if they hold the controls.

Well, today, the sun came out!  She rolled out slowly but she returned in all of her glory.  The Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun,” had an even greater meaning.  If we ever take her for granted, we are forced to endure a sense of hopelessness in her absence.

Seven days without her is simply too much for the human spirit to endure.  But upon her return, voila!  Hope has been restored.  Just as the earth continually rotates and travels its orbit, we had to continue on but we did so with a sense of mundane mindlessness.

This morning, I ventured out to drive to a place that I had never been.  The heavily overcast skies added to my sense of wariness as I charted new waters.  I followed through and reached my destination on time but the weather did not color my mood.

Yet, upon return, the sun first peeked out and then she came out in full force.  I leaned over as I drove and gleefully reached for my fairly new sunglasses.  In some geographic areas, they are known as “shades.”  I was inspired to turn the music a little louder and went into cruise mode as I took in the new sights around me.

I traveled through several townships that I had only read about or heard about as my hope strengthened.  It dawned on me that I was experiencing something new during this first month of the year.  I felt encouraged as I applauded myself for exhibiting a tad of courage.

I made it back to familiar territory and stopped by the park.  By this time, the sun was in full blast.  People were everywhere.  They had crawled out of their shells, their basements or wherever they were hibernating during this dark spell.

And yes, nearly all of them had on sunglasses! Some jogged, some walked and some had their children or pets as they moved to a silent rhythm.  But all of them wore smiles because only the majestic wand of the sun has the ability to do that to people.  It brings out the absolute best in us and there were smiles for miles!

Lynn M.                                                                                                 January 21, 2017


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