A Writer’s Task

Cherry Monte Blanc

Can you write about a place that you visited and make the readers feel as if they traveled along?

Can you make them see the places, the trees and the shapes of the buildings?

Do they feel the warmth of the sun or the depression brought on by the overcast clouds?

Can they taste that hot baked cod-fish that was just served by the stately waiter?

Do they enjoy the laughter of the children that are playing on the beach?  

Did they also see the sizes of the sand castles?

Will they feel like a small turtle that was secretly hidden in your luggage that enjoyed every nuance of the trip?

Will they want to book a flight so that they too can see, feel, hear, touch and smell the aromas of that place?

Or, will they feel satisfied with the vicarious experience  provided by  your descriptive words?

If you can successfully transport your readers to another space and time, then label yourself as a good writer!

Lynn M.                                                                 February 18, 2017

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