Have you ever been down into gravely thinking?

Have you ever felt that you were wrapped in a dark cocoon that emitted little light? 

Or perhaps, you have been impatient with a friend or relative who’s been  feeling low.

Either way, remember that only thinking makes it so.   It makes it seem so real that the darkness can permeate your entire being and high hopes appear to be a mere dream.

What do you do?  What can you do?

  • First, arise.  As the saying goes, rise up in your thinking. 
  • Lift up your thoughts like a space shuttle shooting towards the sky.
  • Brush yourself off.  Put on a special garment or hat to spruce up your spirits.
  • Go for a walk and let the air blow the cobwebs out of  your mind.
  • Have a good meal.  You really do think clearer on a full tummy.
  • And for sure, put on some of your favorite music.

Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire said, “I see music as medicine.”

And guess what?  Your thoughts will stand as tall as the rooks on a chessboard and they will sustain you, support you and spring you to new heights.  They will become your high priests and before long, you will be able to cruise right over that mountain!

Lynn M.                                                                              March 4, 2017

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