Flashlight on the Good!


In every experience just like in a room, there is light and dark.  Even in the darkest room, there is always a glimmer of light.  We should let up the shades, let in the light and not focus on the dark corners of gloom.

Think about any place, person or thing -notably the definition of a noun.  What do you remember about a particular noun from your past?

If it was a relationship that eventually ended, what are your dominant thoughts about that time?  If it had longevity, obviously there was some good.  Did it produce a child, some laughter, a few special keepsakes or a host cherished photographs?

If it was a job experience, ask yourself what remains?  Are there memories of fun office parties, friendships that were formed or possibly promotions to the next level?

Maybe it was a thing, like a couch or old car?  How many hours of usage did it produce?  Did you finally get rid of the couch because it  became saggy from use?  Maybe that old car had so many miles on it that the speedometer stopped working.  Perhaps, you even extended its life by dropping a new engine in it before saying goodbye.

All scenarios have lights and darks.  It is what you choose to remember about that experience.  From which vantage points are you viewing those persons, places and things?

Shine the flashlight on the good that remains. Extinguish the darkness and turn up the candle to see the overflowing blessings.

It’s all in how you look at it,” from “Angles” Traveling Streams- Lynn M. Dixon

March 18, 2017                                                   Lynn M.

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