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The Serene Charles

Kayacking on the Charles- 2

Excerpt from:  Boston and Beyond: Tyre & Phoenix

They crossed Commonwealth Avenue and kept going across Beacon Street. After crossing the alley, they saw where the footbridge started and walked up the incline holding hands. They crossed over Storrow Drive and went down the incline and entered the park area by the Charles River.

There were people out with children, dogs and blankets. Some walked and some jogged. There was a slow but constant activity. They looked at each other smiled. This was a good way for their spirits to relax after the high energy of the week.

They were lucky to find an empty bench and took their seats facing the water. There was also plenty of activity on the water itself. There were sailboats, people rowing in canoes both singularly and in two’s.  They saw that some of the sails on the sailboats had numbers and realized that these were students from one of the universities.

They also saw some kayakers with the lead teacher shouting out directions on a megaphone as the athletes rowed in a synchronized manner. Tyre did a quick search and saw that there was a canoe rental place on the other side of the river. He showed it to her and said, “Check.”

She asked, “As in, the next time around?”

“Si, senora,” he said with a wink.

Boston and Beyond 2

Lynn M.                                                                                                               June 27, 2017

The Plaza

An excerpt from:  Boston and Beyond:  Tyre & Phoenix

CS Plaza pic

At the allocated time, Tyre and Phoenix left the Colonnade Hotel and headed south on Huntington Avenue and crossed the street to enter the plaza. The water sprinkler was dotted with laughing children as they played in swimwear and parents watched while seated on the concrete wall.

They could see that the Christian Science Plaza was also enjoyed by the community as they headed south towards the entrance of the church.  They walked pass the older original church which Phoenix mentioned. She had read that the founder, Mrs. Eddy had a reserved seat in this church and it could be seen by those who took the church tour. The older church was still used on a regular basis for certain services and activities.

They were  warmly greeted at the door of the newer edifice and a woman pulled a string to open the welcoming door. They silently noticed the inscriptions engraved into the walls throughout of the building. Some were scriptural quotes and others were quotes by the founder, Mary Baker Eddy.  This was a glorious start for their week long trip to the New England area.

Boston and Beyond 2

Lynn M.                                                                                                       June 24, 2017

The Library Courtyard

Library Courtyard.JPG

An excerpt from:  Boston and Beyond: Tyre & Phoenix

Phoenix took a deep breath and headed north on Huntington Avenue. The library was very close and she arrived there about 9:30 am. She entered and started by collecting plenty of brochures to read later. She found the card catalog on the computers and typed in her first search.

She searched for literary homes in Boston and New England and got two good sounding hits. She wrote down, A Guide to Writer’s Homes in New England by Miriam Levine and A Literary Trail of Greater Boston by Susan Wilson. She followed the floor plan and fortunately for her, they were both on the shelf.

She took the books with her to read somewhere in the library. She did not want to apply for a guest card and have to return the books later. Using her library map, she found her way outside to the scenic Library Courtyard.  She sat for a while and realized that she wasn’t really concentrating.

The families and the children were pleasant company but she was continually distracted. She found the marble staircase up to the Main Reading Room. She sat at an empty table where she was able to spread out her things and focus on the task at hand.

Lynn M.                                                                                                                            June 21, 2017

Boston and Beyond 2

A Sunday Stroll

An excerpt from:  Boston and Beyond:  Tyre & Phoenix

“We go left from here,” and they turned left on Exeter and headed towards Commonwealth Avenue. When they reached Com Ave, as it is called, they turned left and went south to the Boston Women’s Memorial, their first set of sainted statues that lined the center of the historic street known as Commonwealth Avenue Mall.

Phoenix shared that Meredith Bergmann was the artist and that it was opened in 2003. Therefore, in comparison to other statues along the Mall, this was one of the newest. It was made of bronze and granite, but it appeared to have more of a bronze tone. Phoenix said, “The artist purposefully put these women high on a pedestal and she wanted the people to interact with these free thinkers.”

“I can see that,” said Tyre. Look at the scarf on,” and he paused. He walked over and read her name as he touched the neck scarf tied around Abigail Adams’ neck. “Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams,” he continued.

Abigail Adams









Lucy Stone







“Oh yes, there are books about the beauty of the love letters that they wrote to each other when he was traveling,” she laughed. Phoenix then sat next to Phillis Wheatley who sat with her pen in hand.


Tyre snapped pictures of her with his Smartphone and she later posed beside Abigail Adams and Lucy Stone. He also stood and sat with the women and Phoenix made sure that she had plenty of pictures of him to document the moment.

Boston and Beyond 2


Lynn M.                              June 17, 2017

Phoenix’s Monday

Old South 2 (2)

 An excerpt from:  Boston and Beyond: Tyre & Phoenix

She pulled out her Smartphone and started doing some distance checking. She immediately saw that Amherst was out of the question for this trip because it was about six hours away. She then started looking for trains to Concord.

It seemed to be somewhat doable but it also felt a bit intimidating. She would have to figure out her way to North Station and then catch the Fitzburg train up to Concord. It all seemed a little scary.

She sat still for a while and feelings of defeat poured in and took over. She got up and found the copy machine and made copies of the title pages and other key pages from each book.

Phoenix packed up her belongings, left the books at the librarian’s desk and headed out of the library on the Dartmouth side. She sat on the steps facing Copley Square with many other people who were camped out there. Her shoulders slumped as she tried to think clearly.

She looked to her left and saw a church. She decided to go across Boylston Street and she entered the Old South Church. She found a pew and sat quietly. She fought back the tears and remained there until she felt calm and focused.

Boston and Beyond 2

Lynn M.                                                                                                           June 10, 2017


Emerson’s Wisdom


A visit to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s home is featured in my latest book called Boston and Beyond: Tyre & Phoenix.  In the chapter entitled Concord, Phoenix takes a tour of his home during her visit to Boston with her husband.

This led me to pick up the essay called Compensation by Emerson and his wisdom just started spewing out and I could not capture it all.  He reminded me that there are laws in operation and things have a way of taking care of themselves.  Here are twelve key points that gave me immediate solace.

  • Things refuse to be mismanaged for long.
  • A perfect equity adjusts its balance in all parts of life.
  • Every secret is told and every crime is punished.
  • Every virtue is rewarded and paid measure for measure.
  • The bitter comes with the sweet. There is a polarity.
  • Beware of too much good staying in your hand. Pay it away quickly.
  • Every evil that we do not succumb to is a benefactor.
  • The longer your good is withheld, the better it will be and comes with a compound interest.
  • No facts are begotten from falsehoods.
  • Let angels go so that the archangels can come to guide you onward and upward.
  • Do not stay among the ruins and don’t look back.
  • Loss of loved ones turn into guides who lead you on to wider, open doors.

Push play and listen as Phoenix anxiously anticipates her tour of the Emerson House in Concord, MA.

Lynn M.                                                                                                                       June 3, 2017