The Marble House

From Boston and Beyond: Tyre & Phoenix

Marble house

Phoenix was looking at the picturesque town of Newport and she could see why it was considered to be a resort town. She saw Bellevue Avenue and huge homes stretched out along the way. The bus pulled up and stopped when the driver said, “We will go into The Marble House first. The tour is about an hour and half so I hope you have on some comfortable shoes,” he joked.Boston and Beyond 2

They went from room to room and there were several other people along with those on her tour bus. The tour was heard through an audio recording but Phoenix still tried to capture as many notes as possible. She heard that over 11 million dollars had been spent on marble to decorate this magnificent structure.

They started with The Salon which was very fancy and some of the decorations and the furnishings were modeled from Paris’ Versailles and Louvre. Most of the furniture in the room was upholstered in bright raised gold fabric. The Gothic Room had stained glass windows and a memorable fireplace setting. Fresh flowers were placed around to give the tourists the feel for what everyday life was like for The Vanderbilts during their summer stay.

Gothic room- Marble House

Lynn M.                                                                                                                     July 15, 2017

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