Our Journeys!



Maya Angelou wrote a book called Wouldn’t Take Nothing for the Journey Now which shared parts of her illustrious life. When we reflect on our lives, we should be in agreement with her and show gratitude for what we have already received.

As we walk our reflective journeys toward the close of the year, we collect our thoughts.  If we are honest, we can recount our big and small, yet superfluous blessings.  Past wonders will flourish forth as we realize that quiet angels softly whispered in our ears telling us which way to go at many given times.

We may have spoken a quick thanks in our hurried daily movements but have we really taken time to give adequate thanks? Have we acknowledged all of the things that we have been saved from? Visible and unseen forces have rushed to our assistance and nudged us back onto the right paths when we’ve veered off.

We know that we are imperfect beings and either our lack of information or understanding may have steered us into dangerous zones.  As the old adage goes, “If I’d known better, I would have done better.” 

But thank goodness Divine Intervention interceded while we were out there navigating those choppy waters. Once our feet are on dry ground again and we can see our way, we stop and catch our breaths.  Eventually, we will see the titillating gains shining through and we can audibly sigh, “I wouldn’t take nothing for the journey!”


Lynn M.                                                                                     December 9, 2017

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