Grow and Glow!


Plants reach, cling and gravitate towards the light for survival.  As spiritual beings, we do the same things hoping that some light will be shed on our lives as we look for our purpose, true mission and divine assignments.

We were all put here to accomplish or contribute something unique because we are one of a kind and there are no duplications.  We were intricately designed and put here to be a part of a larger plan

If we are lucky, we will be fortunate enough to leave positive marks behind for the next generations to follow. So, it is our task to find out what we were put her to do and which gifts we can utilize as we work on our paths.

Clearly, parents know their children and they often see their talents early in life . They can readily see which ones are potential athletes or actors from watching their children’s preferences as they play. But as adults, things may become a bit hazy as we move through life with its many twists and turns.

Sometimes, we take on various types of work to keep afloat and in the humdrum of everyday life, we may forget what we really love to do.  Confucius says, “Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” If we can become still enough and remember those childhood favorite things, we will probably remember what it is that we really loved doing back in those days.

If was sketching, perhaps we can still create a comic strip to make others laugh.  If was painting, then we can visit the art store and pick up a new set of brushes.  If it was taking things apart and reassembling them, then we can go to a Makerspace class at the local library and meet other builders with like minds.

It is our challenge to find our niche.  Once we have found it, we should dig in and give it all we’ve got.  Then, we can truly grow and glow!

Lynn M.                                                                                          December 16, 2017


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