Shining the Light!


During the most wonderful time of the year, we should let our lights shine and pierce the darkness.  All of us come into adulthood with many preconceived notions on a variety of topics.  We bring our attitudes and beliefs with us from what we learned from our childhood days.

We have unconsciously formed opinions based on what we heard or overheard in our family homes. We may not realize what has seeped down into our consciousness or psyche until something disturbing appears in our lives.

It has probably manifested itself from our deep-seated, hidden scars that have been tucked away from our sight or public view.  And then, “Pop!”  It shows up and we are forced to deal with it.  We may have to go back through many rooms or take a proverbial time capsule back to an earlier time in our lives.

Then, we must become quiet and still. If we listen very closely, those old negative voices will be re-heard.  Eventually, we might say, ”Aha! There you are. You must go!”  Then, during this sainted time of the year, we should start a deep cleanse.  We can scrub and peel off more layers of darkness.  We realize that we have been roaming around in the dark long enough.

We locate the light switch and turn on the light.  The darkness flees.  The Christ light shines in every corner and we forge ahead.  We can walk on a more lighted path with a thankful heart that we can now see our way!

Lynn M.                                                                     December 23, 2017


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