Unfinished Business: Two Books

I happened to be reading two books simultaneously – one on my Kindle and the other an actual library book.   As I was reading Down the Hidden Path by Heather Burch and No Place I’d Rather Be by Cathy Lamb, I thought, “Hmmm.  So many similarities.

In both novels, Gray, a physical therapist and Olivia, a head chef are returning to their hometowns and both move into their grandparents’ vacant homes. They each run into their former flames and both want to avoid them at all costs for different reasons.  But it is clear that there is obviously still some unfinished business.

Gray from Down the Hidden Path returns to Missouri runs into Jeremiah.  She has a secret.  They have a twelve year-old son named David and though another couple adopted him, Gray has always been a part of her son’s life.  How long can she keep the truth from Jeremiah?  He went off to war and he has no idea that he is the father of a tween. How will he handle the truth?

Down the Hidden Path

Olivia from No Place I’d Rather Be, on the other hand, is returning to Montana after losing her job as head chef in Portland.  She almost veers off a cliff while driving in a blizzard, but Jace, her estranged husband, is there to save her and the two small girls she has in tow.  Why are they not together?  Who are the little girls?

No Place

Again, in both novels, Jeremiah and Jace are prominent ranch owners and well- positioned to assist these cash-strapped women. But will fear and pride cause Gray or Olivia to go under?  Can they trust again?

Answers abound as I continued to read along.  Jeremiah is livid when he finds out that he has a 12-year old son and he takes action against Gray which later backfires.  In contrast, Jace understands Olivia’s love for these two little girls because she had lost their three children through miscarriages. But can she convince the courts that she is a better parent than their imprisoned birth mother who is about to be released?

These couples apparently have plenty of unfinished business and it seems that only they can work out the equations.  Children’s lives are at stake. If the flames of the torches can be turned higher and hearts are opened, then maybe they will find grand solutions.  Pick up either or both of these books and see how it all works out!

Lynn M.                                                                                      February 4, 2018

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