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Refreshing Newness!

new life

When I think of spring, I think of new beginnings.  The birds wake us up with early morning serenades as they sing celebratory lyrics.  They coax us to get out of bed and put on our happy feet and move to earth’s new rhythms.

Trees slowing blossom and the sun peeks from behind those hazy clouds.  We gently break into a smile as we realize that we have kissed by its rays from the heavens.  They bring us hope and as weary wanderers, we sigh knowing that everything is being born again.

We begin to feel inspired and we know that this is the perfect season to initiate that spring cleaning.  We create those ‘to do lists’ and strike off each completed task one at a time as we clean closets and fulfill those other long, anticipated chores. We throw out those items that are no longer needed or those things that simply weigh us down and hold us back.

We may put on some upbeat music as we synchronize our clearing away process with those indelible beats. A list of new, refreshing ideas may flow forth as we keep our hands moving and if we are wise, we will pause and write them down before we forget what they whispered to us.

Most importantly, we cleanse our minds of the old, decrepit ways of thinking and we flush away all that is no longer useful to us.  When painful, past scenes roll across the screens of our minds, we silently hit the delete button to erase or blot them out so that they never come up again.

We breathe and we consciously feel refreshed and renewed as we replace the old with the new.  We recall the words of Jesus, the Master Teacher who said, “You cannot pour new wine into old wine skins.” Thus, we are born again feeling brand new!

Lynn M.                                                           March 31, 2018

Painting Poetry



As we approach National Poetry Month, I had the opportunity to teach the beauty of poems to a group of first graders.  They learned that poems are small, lyrical songs!

They each were given a miniature poetry book called I’m Glad I’m Me: Poems About You by Jack Prelutsky.  Every day, I would feel a tug on my clothes or hear someone whispering in my ear as each asked if he or she could go up to the document camera and read one of the poems to the class.

Their little voices filled the air as they learned to recite at an audible volume.  I had to often say, “Use your outdoor voice,” so that they would speak a tad louder and be heard by all of the students in the room.

They learned to locate rhyming words, saw poems written in shapes from other sources and understood that poems do not necessarily have to rhyme all of the time.  They saw  that poems can bring joy, laughter and thoughts of reflection.

I really enjoyed listening to their voices as they bravely charted the waters and advanced as future courageous orators. They were exuberant and will probably be looking forward to reading more poems to the class though the poetry unit has ended.

Plutarch said it best when he wrote, “Painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks!”

Lynn M.                                                                                             March 25, 2018

In Due Time!

th (1)

Have you ever walked through a maze feeling like you were in a haze? You felt that you were moving your feet, your Spirit was involved and your Soul was stretching but you felt as if it was just not making much sense.

Perhaps, you questioned yourself and wondered,” Will I ever understand this experience? Why is it so difficult?” But because you listen, read and observe life around you, you start  remembering the parable about the clam and how its deep aggravation and irritation produced a precious pearl.

Or, you may recall the stories of how gold is brandished after sustaining the hot sting of the fires. Then there is the Biblical story of Daniel surviving the lion’s den.  Other tales  and acts of perseverance may come to mind as you question your own ability to endure the tests of life.

You know that you must keep your feet moving forward. Some may mock and others offer shouts of encouragement.  You accept both as you resolve to keep going and imagine yourself doing a triple Lutz like the figure skaters as you continue onward.

So as you keep it moving, you may think of verses like “Precept upon precept; line upon line; here a little, there a little (Isaiah 28:13).  Each movement forward builds your confidence and fortitude as you jump over each hurdle and your mountains eventually become mole hills.

And one day, because you have remained mindful, diligent and resourceful through your suffering moments, you look up and see that you have made it.  As Donald Lawrence sang, “You have walked into your season.

You can look back over the rocks, hills and mountains that you have scaled and see all of the riches that you have gathered along the way.  A slight smile breaks out across your face as you realize that you have just entered your new season and it all came in due time!

Lynn M.                                                                                  March 18, 2018

Breezy March!



Many shamrocks all around,
Pots of gold do abound.

Birds chirp of early spring,
Milder weather, it’ll bring.

Gusty winds clear the mind.
Loosening holds that bind.

Yes, enjoy the March breeze,
Glad winter’s gone, so sneeze!


Lynn M.                                                                           March 10, 2018

Thank A Teacher!

“If you can read this, thank a teacher.”


How many times have you seen this phrase?  Did you stop and immediately remember one of your primary school teachers?  It is a catchy phrase that will make you pause and realize that without the patience and expertise of a teacher, your life would be much harder.   You would not be able to recognize those words that are printed everywhere you look!

If your life is decidedly improved and fruit is falling all around, again thank a teacher.  Probably the books that you have read have contributed to your glorious windfalls.  As you bend down to scoop up your bounty, think of terms that you have learned like the fruits of your labor or it works if you work it.

You can think of helpful words written by some guru or spiritual teacher.  Silently give thanks for all of the encouragement, anecdotes to negativity and upward leadings that helped you move closer to your movable feast.  Your first teachers taught you how to  decode, pronounce, comprehend, apply  and ultimately read those sainted words.

You moved on into adulthood and you read with greater ease.  You practiced and read, read and read.  Then, you began to search for some answers to life’s mysteries.  You leaned on your spiritual teachers for guidance.  Their words helped to straighten out your thinking like a newly pressed  dress lying on an ironing board.

You continually read, studied, highlighted and wrote notes in the margins. The creases in your brow became less crinkled. Your facial wrinkles evaporated as understanding increased and then bunches of grapes appeared representing light. New fruit and fresh greenery emerged as the harvest rolled into view.

You sighed and took a reflective pause. Then you counted your blessings.  As you gather your gold, you should graciously thank your teachers!

Lynn M.                                                                                       March 4, 2018