Thank A Teacher!

“If you can read this, thank a teacher.”


How many times have you seen this phrase?  Did you stop and immediately remember one of your primary school teachers?  It is a catchy phrase that will make you pause and realize that without the patience and expertise of a teacher, your life would be much harder.   You would not be able to recognize those words that are printed everywhere you look!

If your life is decidedly improved and fruit is falling all around, again thank a teacher.  Probably the books that you have read have contributed to your glorious windfalls.  As you bend down to scoop up your bounty, think of terms that you have learned like the fruits of your labor or it works if you work it.

You can think of helpful words written by some guru or spiritual teacher.  Silently give thanks for all of the encouragement, anecdotes to negativity and upward leadings that helped you move closer to your movable feast.  Your first teachers taught you how to  decode, pronounce, comprehend, apply  and ultimately read those sainted words.

You moved on into adulthood and you read with greater ease.  You practiced and read, read and read.  Then, you began to search for some answers to life’s mysteries.  You leaned on your spiritual teachers for guidance.  Their words helped to straighten out your thinking like a newly pressed  dress lying on an ironing board.

You continually read, studied, highlighted and wrote notes in the margins. The creases in your brow became less crinkled. Your facial wrinkles evaporated as understanding increased and then bunches of grapes appeared representing light. New fruit and fresh greenery emerged as the harvest rolled into view.

You sighed and took a reflective pause. Then you counted your blessings.  As you gather your gold, you should graciously thank your teachers!

Lynn M.                                                                                       March 4, 2018

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