In Due Time!

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Have you ever walked through a maze feeling like you were in a haze? You felt that you were moving your feet, your Spirit was involved and your Soul was stretching but you felt as if it was just not making much sense.

Perhaps, you questioned yourself and wondered,” Will I ever understand this experience? Why is it so difficult?” But because you listen, read and observe life around you, you start  remembering the parable about the clam and how its deep aggravation and irritation produced a precious pearl.

Or, you may recall the stories of how gold is brandished after sustaining the hot sting of the fires. Then there is the Biblical story of Daniel surviving the lion’s den.  Other tales  and acts of perseverance may come to mind as you question your own ability to endure the tests of life.

You know that you must keep your feet moving forward. Some may mock and others offer shouts of encouragement.  You accept both as you resolve to keep going and imagine yourself doing a triple Lutz like the figure skaters as you continue onward.

So as you keep it moving, you may think of verses like “Precept upon precept; line upon line; here a little, there a little (Isaiah 28:13).  Each movement forward builds your confidence and fortitude as you jump over each hurdle and your mountains eventually become mole hills.

And one day, because you have remained mindful, diligent and resourceful through your suffering moments, you look up and see that you have made it.  As Donald Lawrence sang, “You have walked into your season.

You can look back over the rocks, hills and mountains that you have scaled and see all of the riches that you have gathered along the way.  A slight smile breaks out across your face as you realize that you have just entered your new season and it all came in due time!

Lynn M.                                                                                  March 18, 2018


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