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Life moves in cycles.  These cycles are both beginnings and endings all intertwined together.  As one door closes, another magically swings open awaiting our attention and ultimately our entry into a new set of circumstances.

The dots have been connected as one set of events subtly prepares us for the next succession of things that are about to happen in our lives.  We have successfully completed what we have been given to do so we can bravely forge ahead and take our next steps.

One of the theme songs from the movie, The Wiz is “Ease on Down the Road.”  We travel more swiftly when we are unburdened with feelings of lightness.  We can more easily obtain these feelings when we know that we have given the absolute best of ourselves in the latest venture.

We can assuredly move forth with a lively pep in our steps. Those are the rewards of hard work.  We flow and glow as we let the chips fall where they may after we have finished a divine assignment.  We know within ourselves that we have had a good run.  We have left careful instructions for those that will be coming behind us.

Now, we can put heads out in front as we take a winner’s stance at the starting line of a new endeavor. We are ready to step onto a fresh path so we put on our new shoes of faith.  At the sound of the signal, we spring ahead and enter our new cycle of even greater fulfillment!

Lynn M.                                                                      October 28, 2018

Moving & Evolving!


We are always moving and evolving.  Just as the clouds linger for a while, they too slowly move and sometimes are in an unnoticeable motion.  They never stay for too long.

It is comparable to a guest who we welcome into our homes or into our lives.  We laugh, converse, grow and heal some aspects of ourselves while together.  But at the prescribed time, we move on.   All of us leave the gathering place feeling more hopeful and optimistic about things to come in our futures.

There is a sense of lightness.  There are more perceptions and understanding. Everyone is moving on and evolving into feelings of greater wholeness.  We evolve with higher levels of insight and depth.

Our purposes are clearer and our points of view have been expanded. We have unburdened ourselves to a degree through our fellowship and times of togetherness.  Yet, we know when it is time to keep it moving and we gradually began to move our feet.

We follow the clouds lead and we move on as we surely evolve.  We adhere to the lessons from those all-knowing clouds that temporarily hang just above our heads.

Lynn M.                                                                           October 20, 2018

The Cool Breezes of October!


September leavesThe cool breezes of October help blow away our old stale thoughts.  The winds serve us as they swirl around and stir things up like the rotating leaves in a cesspool.

Those negative things float to the top like fallen leaves that have left their life source.  They are no longer important nor do they contribute to our well-being.  They will soon be in big trash bags like the gathered leaves waiting to be crushed and thrown away.

Those worn-out notions, beliefs and error thoughts will disappear along with an array of false friends and acquaintances.  They can no longer attach themselves to our lives and pretend to be genuinely concerned about our welfare. The seasons change and we must change with them.

The fluttering leaves have fallen from the living tree. They have served their purpose though they once offered us a sense of beauty.   But time moves on and as nature continues on its course, we graciously sweep up the discarded.

We get ready for our personal harvests to arrive and we know that in just a matter of time we will gleefully exclaim, “Behold, I will do a new thing!”  (Isaiah 43:19)


Lynn M.                                                                          October 13, 2018

A Star is Born. True Art!


We often go to see a movie as a form of escapism or a reprieve from everyday life.  Yet, when I saw the new A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, I thought, “Now this is art- a movie of real though sometimes raw substance.”

The credits at the end of the movie revealed that many of the songs had been written by each of them.  Wow!  A lot of real talent was involved in this piece and it is not only worth viewing a second time but should include the purchase of the soundtrack.

In A Star is Born, we are able to see a well-developed relationship between Jackson and Ally.  We see them go through many of life’s ups and downs together and we unfortunately see them outgrow each other.  It is all true of real life.  People come into our lives for a reason and a season.

I will not spend time here rehashing the plot because I would not want to spoil anyone’s chances to witness these art forms at their best on the big screen.  We know that it is a boy meets girl movie or shall I say husband meets wife.

The mere fact that both are musicians pushes the entertainment level up many notches.  He’s a rocker doing his thing and her performances reminded me of a little bit of Janis Joplin and at other times, Carole King.

It is the first time that we see Lady Gaga’s (Ally) natural beauty.  It made me wonder why stars adorn themselves where they are barely recognizable.  I liked her in this role because we see get to see her.  Bradley Cooper (Jackson) reveals sides of his character that haven’t been displayed in his other roles.  Their chemistry is steamy and they take us on a memorable voyage.

In closing, I would say that even though we are imperfect beings, this movie shows how we are all interconnected and sometimes, it takes that certain someone to hoist us up and put us on our charted path!

Lynn M.                                                                             October 8, 2018