Moving & Evolving!


We are always moving and evolving.  Just as the clouds linger for a while, they too slowly move and sometimes are in an unnoticeable motion.  They never stay for too long.

It is comparable to a guest who we welcome into our homes or into our lives.  We laugh, converse, grow and heal some aspects of ourselves while together.  But at the prescribed time, we move on.   All of us leave the gathering place feeling more hopeful and optimistic about things to come in our futures.

There is a sense of lightness.  There are more perceptions and understanding. Everyone is moving on and evolving into feelings of greater wholeness.  We evolve with higher levels of insight and depth.

Our purposes are clearer and our points of view have been expanded. We have unburdened ourselves to a degree through our fellowship and times of togetherness.  Yet, we know when it is time to keep it moving and we gradually began to move our feet.

We follow the clouds lead and we move on as we surely evolve.  We adhere to the lessons from those all-knowing clouds that temporarily hang just above our heads.

Lynn M.                                                                           October 20, 2018

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