Life moves in cycles.  These cycles are both beginnings and endings all intertwined together.  As one door closes, another magically swings open awaiting our attention and ultimately our entry into a new set of circumstances.

The dots have been connected as one set of events subtly prepares us for the next succession of things that are about to happen in our lives.  We have successfully completed what we have been given to do so we can bravely forge ahead and take our next steps.

One of the theme songs from the movie, The Wiz is “Ease on Down the Road.”  We travel more swiftly when we are unburdened with feelings of lightness.  We can more easily obtain these feelings when we know that we have given the absolute best of ourselves in the latest venture.

We can assuredly move forth with a lively pep in our steps. Those are the rewards of hard work.  We flow and glow as we let the chips fall where they may after we have finished a divine assignment.  We know within ourselves that we have had a good run.  We have left careful instructions for those that will be coming behind us.

Now, we can put heads out in front as we take a winner’s stance at the starting line of a new endeavor. We are ready to step onto a fresh path so we put on our new shoes of faith.  At the sound of the signal, we spring ahead and enter our new cycle of even greater fulfillment!

Lynn M.                                                                      October 28, 2018

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