Monthly Archives: November 2018

Mountains and Valleys

After long periods of high activity, if we are fortunate, we can slowly descend the mountain.  We reverse our steps and back down to level ground.   We are grateful that we were not thrust from the mountaintop as we were moving at such a dizzying pace.

Upon divine completion of some given task, we stop.  We realize that the phase is over, so we slow down.  We begin to reflect, celebrate our successes and jot down what we can do better the next time around.

We realize that it is time for refreshing our spirits and renewing our souls.  We go into healthy repose and lay still in the valley situated between the two mountains.  In tranquil stretches of time, we find refuge and quiet breathing spaces.

Clarity of mind and purpose return to us as we keep our distances from the fray and those unnecessary distractions.  We know that in our service to humanity, we have helped others and we have in turn helped ourselves.  Our purses are indeed fatter, and our knowledge has increased along the way because we understand that we learn something new every day.

So, we breathe.  We take breaks and we clear our heads.  We eat, sleep and prepare for our next venture.  We silently begin to sharpen our tools and shine our shoes for we know that in just a short while, we will be commissioned again.

 It will soon be time to scale another mountain so in the interim, we lie still in the valley between the mountains.  We snore, smile and eventually look up and see how high the next mountain appears to be and we say to ourselves, “Oh boy!”  Then, we inaudibly beseech on our angel helpers for strength, put on our armors of faith and await the call!

Lynn M.                                                                                   November 24, 2018

Work in Progress!

blocksSometimes in our lives, we are put to task to build something without a clear blueprint.  Yet, our diligence still makes us roll up our sleeves and dig in.  As we roll one stone in front of the other, we create the outline of the structure.

Though the end product is invisible, we lean on the All-knowing Substance to guide us as we work on.  The hustle and bustle of the movement of busy hands and feet may look chaotic to some, but there is usually a method to the madness.    Amelia Earhart said, “Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done.” It is better to be a curious yet silent observer when there is a work in progress.

Active participants on the construction project should be  wise and  dutiful soldiers that follow the commands of those running the show.  Whether the roles are major or minor, all are essential to the whole.

Tempers may flare, angry words may be exchanged and bricks may fall in the heat of the battle but the intent to succeed is solid like a rock.  The smoke from the chiseling hammers may cause a temporary fog and sweat may pour from the brow.

But the light at the end of the tunnel will come into visibility.  And as Shaun Alexander says, “I think there will be more smiles when the smoke clears!”

Lynn M.                                                                                                November 17, 2018


Same Shoes!

thHave you ever heard the phrase, “New mask?  Same shoes.”  I recently heard it referenced on an audio tape and I admit that it was new to me, but not the concept itself.  It simply means that there are fogey bears that show up on our paths  to stop us from passing and they operate under many guises.

They put on different masks to make us think that they are someone other than who they really are underneath.  When people are up to no good, they often cover their faces like the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  They work hard at escaping detection.  They probably cannot even deal with their own inner darkness.

They house unholy thoughts as well as intentions.  They hope that their fear tactics will make us halt.  The goal is to terrorize us and make us stop in our tracks.   They avoid head-on confrontations by shielding themselves.  They often come on to us feigning affection, wearing a bright smile or acting friendly as they pretend to have our best interests at heart.

But as the old adage goes, “There are no secrets in the book of life.”  The truth will out and by their fruits, they are known.  After several promptings, we soon take note of their track records. We realize that it would be wise to distance ourselves from them.  So, we take a huge sprint ahead.

Much later, we turn to take a look in our rear view mirrors.  When we are clearly safe from the danger, we can sigh, “Aha.”  We give thanks to our Higher Power and whisper, “New mask?  Same shoes.”

Lynn M.                                                                                              November 11, 2018


jogger 2It is that time of the year when we pause and slowly look over our shoulders.  We take an inventory of what we have accomplished during the year.  We jot down our successes and realize that we have run quite a race.

We recall the hurdles that we have jumped as we decide what we have learned and what we can do better in the future.  We most certainly relish those moments of rest between the laps when we were allowed to slow down and become still.

At those times, we were able to restore and rejuvenate ourselves.  We could see that the glass has definitely been more full than empty.  We are grateful.  We have caught glimpses of the Higher Power operating in our lives and seeing us through a host of activities.

After taking brief breaks, we catch our breaths and continue our jogs.  At the prescribed time, we climb back onto our charted paths and continue to reap bountifully just like the rich colorful leaves of the November.

Our baskets are fuller. Our knowledge has increased.  Our skill sets have grown tremendously.  It has been a gain, gain all around.  We let out a sigh.  Then, we smile as we graciously move ahead!

Lynn M.                                                                                November 4, 2018