jogger 2It is that time of the year when we pause and slowly look over our shoulders.  We take an inventory of what we have accomplished during the year.  We jot down our successes and realize that we have run quite a race.

We recall the hurdles that we have jumped as we decide what we have learned and what we can do better in the future.  We most certainly relish those moments of rest between the laps when we were allowed to slow down and become still.

At those times, we were able to restore and rejuvenate ourselves.  We could see that the glass has definitely been more full than empty.  We are grateful.  We have caught glimpses of the Higher Power operating in our lives and seeing us through a host of activities.

After taking brief breaks, we catch our breaths and continue our jogs.  At the prescribed time, we climb back onto our charted paths and continue to reap bountifully just like the rich colorful leaves of the November.

Our baskets are fuller. Our knowledge has increased.  Our skill sets have grown tremendously.  It has been a gain, gain all around.  We let out a sigh.  Then, we smile as we graciously move ahead!

Lynn M.                                                                                November 4, 2018

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