Fruitful Food!

Image result for Female Silhouette Clip Art ReadingDuring these trying times, one of the best ways to stay above the fray is to read a good book!  Reading is a way to escape the brittle predicaments that gloom our horizons and keep us feeling off-base.  It’s a way to pack away our own concerns and see what is going on in someone else’s life without engaging in petty gossip.  It’s a safe get-a-way.

Art forms have been known to give hope and creative outlets to many people during wars and times of political struggles and uncertainty.  The movie reels of the 20’s and 40’s sustained the American public when their stomachs were beginning to growl and their outlooks were dimmed by the dire circumstances of the day.

So, if we find ourselves trying to hold on and tighten our grip, we can choose to crawl into the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland. We can create our own adventure by picking up a book and see what is happening with the characters inside of the covers. Every book shows us something new and opens the doors to greater insight into some aspect of life itself.

I recently read the British writer Joss Sheldon’s Individutopia.  It shows us what the world of the selfie will look like 50 years from now and makes us think about where we might be headed as a society.  Then, I took an excursion into the life of The Dubliners and walked through 15 stories of everyday Irish life with James Joyce.

Last night, as I too waited for the storm to pass over, I cracked open Gloria Swanson’s Swanson on Swanson.  I stayed up late and thought, “Oh my!”  She tells her own story and as I digested the first serving, I was reminded that we all have our crosses to bear.

So, when picking up the groceries for that next meal, swing by the library or bookstore and get the dessert by getting a book.  Then, after clearing away the dishes, feast on some fruitful food for thought!

Lynn M.                                                                                        January 26, 2019

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