Peeking Back!

Rear view mirrorAs we get ready to roll into not only a new year but a new decade, it would behoove us to take a quick peek over our shoulders and see what we have accomplished. We too readily recall our shortcomings, but we need to lean in and look at what indeed went right in our worlds.

What do we have on our accomplishments list that was not there on January 1st of 2019? What projects did we complete? Which unplanned events did we add to our repertoire? What new skills did we pick up along the way?

Did we add any new friends to our list? Did we decide to let some older acquaintances go like the dust in the wind? Did we gain new items and throw out the old, tired ones? Did we continually add onto the baggage or did we scale back to live in a thinner, more breathable space?

Those are a few of the questions we can ask ourselves and if we are really feeling brave, we should take a quick look at the last ten years. Where were we when 2000 came bristling in? How many major life changes have we made since then? How many times have we changed residences, cities or jobs?

How many dear ones have we said goodbye to over that time span? Who have we embraced and welcomed into our lives? How have they helped us? How have they hindered us? How many people have we helped or hindered during our past ten-year journey?

It is a great time to be here to witness the beginning of the second decade of the new millennium. So, now we get a chance to not only put the events of the past year into perspective, but we can widen our lens and gaze over the past decade.

When 2000 was ushered in, we were all scared of the term Y2K. We were terrified that our computers would not transfer data and we were afraid of a host of other frightening predictions. None of it happened. We flowed seamlessly in 2000 without a hiccup.

So, as we ease into 2020, though things may seem unsettling on so many fronts, we should learn to plan less, breathe more and live in the moment as we ring in 2020 and a new decade!

Lynn M.                                                                       December 28, 2019

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