It’s the last weekend of January for this new year and this new decade. Take a moment to check and see where you are and how well you are sticking to your new vows and commitments while becoming a better you.

You have laid the groundwork for self-improvement but how are you faring? Have you unconsciously fallen back into a slump by accepting business as usual? Or are you truly trying to make a concerted effort to stay on the newly drawn line?

It may feel uncomfortable like breaking in a pair of new shoes. Change has a way of making your minds, bodies and psyches feel unsettled for a season. You may moan and complain initially but the new grooves will become easier. Thomas Fuller wrote, “All things are difficult before they become easy.”

In many schools, teachers assign jobs to the students to get necessary tasks completed as well as teaching them the importance of work as they contribute to the whole. They take their jobs very seriously. If teachers or substitutes do not give them ample time to do their jobs, there will be many verbal, orchestrated protests from even the meekest of voices.

One job is called line checker, and another is called PE checker. Both checkers must wait until the students have lined up and they then perform their jobs. The line checker walks up and down the line once the students are in the hallway to make sure that each person is standing quietly and orderly in a single-filed line. The PE checker walks up and down the line to see that each student has on his or her already-tied gym shoes before they enter the gymnasium as a whole class.

You too can become a checker as you walk your line and see if you are on your new track. If you have veered off course or fallen back into levels of recidivism, it is okay. At least for the moment. Be honest about your slip-up and simply pick yourself up. Make the adjustment and then look down to do a self-check.  When you see that you are spot on, pat yourself on the back and continue on your way!

Lynn M.                                                                   January 25, 2020

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