OIPT4CEO03WThe other day my car was stuck on ice and I could not get out of a parking spot. I gunned the motor for what seemed like hours but to no avail. Two guys even tried to push the car out, but they too gave up after a while. I finally went inside to calm down.

If the car in front of me pulled up a bit, I knew that I could get free. So, after much time passed, I noticed that the car was indeed gone. I went back out and became freed because I had enough space to maneuver the car over the ice. Freedom never felt so good!

Lesson?  If a barrier is removed, we can graciously advance forth. But sometimes, we must wait for that opportunity.

After feeling quite rattled from the ice escapade and just when I thought that things couldn’t get worse, they did. I stepped on my recently purchased cell phone. To my dismay, the screen cracked. I felt that if one more thing went wrong, I would need to go somewhere and let out a loud scream.

But, I did not. Instead, I remained quiet, but my inner frustrations were pounding inside. As I was looking through a drawer a few days later, I discovered some phone screen covers that I had on hand. I waited and when I was feeling brave, I removed the broken screen from the phone. To my astonishment, the phone itself was in stellar condition. I was surprised so I threw the broken glass cover away and put on a new plastic one feeling a sense of delight.

Lesson?  Appearances are truly deceiving.

When we get in a hubbub over some small unfortunate circumstance, we first need to take a deep breath. We should take a step back and calm down. When we feel ready to dive in and deal with the problem at hand, we can then check out the perceived damages. Once we get a grip, we usually find that things are not as bad as they first seemed. Over time, we become less reactive, as we mindfully take action to remedy those situations.

Lesson?  There is always an answer.

Lynn M.                                                                       February 1, 2020


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