The Storm is Passing Over!

INS594ThisTooShallPass-ConvertedThe Storm is Passing Over is the title of a memorable spiritual song that fits these times during the pandemic that is sweeping our world. We must remember that there is nothing new under the sun and others have survived times like these in the past. But, obviously, the storm did indeed pass over because we only know about other plagues from the history books.

I had a two-fold dream and as in days of old, dreams still serve to guide, warn and inform us. I woke up surrounded by others out in the park. People were ecstatic as they bended their knees, exercised, jumped and played on the grass. It was like a scene out of The Wiz after the people had been freed from their years of darkness and captivity. They came to life both renewed and changed as the light poured in!

To many, the stay-at-home order has felt like a form of imprisonment. Many are trying to stay focused as cabin fever sets in and the walls seem to close in on us. We are reminded of our limitations and powerlessness. We wonder if we will ever enjoy the sun again. A woman on tv recently said, “When this is over, we won’t take anything for granted again. We will not take our city for granted again,” she added as she reflected on the city’s normally vibrant life which has come to a temporary standstill.

In the other part of my dream, I woke up and found that my students were stilling there patiently waiting for me to give them instructions. I wondered if they had seen me dozing off, but I checked the clock, directed them to put up their iPads and told them to get ready for recess. This was a sure indicator that things would return to normal again, but we must wait.

We will live again, and I believe that we will come out of this dark period as better and more improved beings. We will remember to check on our loved ones, be kinder to our neighbors and colleagues, say gentler things to one another and live as we were taught as small children.

We will emerge from underneath this heavy fog being more mindful, more spiritual and more cognizant in our daily dealings with each other. We will thank our Creator for another opportunity to live and see another tomorrow. As we stream forward, we can softly hum a tune like, “It is well in my soul.”

Lynn M.                                                                April 11, 2020

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