A Thousand Words!

In these times of limited movement due to the pandemic, it was so refreshing to see this lone boat out on Lake Michigan.  This picture gave me a sense of renewal and a reminder of what we perceive as snippets of our normalcy.

I chose to send it to a couple of friends who do not currently have access to the lakefront.  I knew that they both would enjoy it because we all have a shared history with this calm, beautiful body of water.

Each responded positively and immediately while expressing an appreciation for this early morning snapshot.  One friend called right away and wanted to know if I was still out by the lake.  I told her that I was, and we talked about a variety of things.

The other e-mailed me with a one-worder simply saying, “Beautiful!” as she wrote all the way from the Pacific Northwest.  The picture inspired her to write about her memories of spending time on the lake and the things she is currently doing to remain calm during these times.  She later added that seeing this picture inspired her to drive and sit by a local waterfront close to her home.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words and the sharing of this one picture opened the door to so many thoughts and personal stories.  One of these friends had just lost a loved one and the sky in the picture comforted her and helped her decide that that departed soul was at peace and now up there with the angels.

When we give what we can during these trying times, we help others feel less constricted and confined to smaller spaces.  We can open up and talk about our former experiences as we cling to those special memories from times gone by.

  If a quick click of the phone can capture an image that makes others recall the footsteps on their journeys, then, that is indeed a good thing. Remembering those savored times help us lift our heads up out of the seeming darkness as we happily continue on!

Lynn M.

August 8, 2020

4 thoughts on “A Thousand Words!

  1. The photo is indeed beautiful, Lynn and lovely that inspired such a positive connection and response from your friends. A lovely way of saying ‘I’m thinking of you.’

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