Mountaintop Thoughts!

Mount Rainier
August 10, 2020

A close friend sent me a picture of Mount Rainier after she and her husband visited the site for their 41st Wedding Anniversary.  I have never seen it in person but looking at the snapshot was absolutely breathtaking!

I told her that it looked like a postcard because it was almost unbelievable that anything could be that beautiful without being photoshopped to some degree.  Only the majesty of Mother Nature could evoke this type of jaw-dropping awe!

But, when I saw the people walking in the picture of the mountain, I knew that it was indeed for real.  It is what painters attempt to replicate with their brushes and what writers try to recapture through their use of words with their pens.  They hope to have onlookers and readers see what they have viewed.

I looked at the picture for some time and thought, “Hope.  Possibilities. Scaling, Climbing.”  I even thought of the historic song, “Climb Every Mountain.”  I was immediately lifted higher from where I was in the prior moments.

I felt refreshed as I looked at the snow-capped mountain and was reminded of the coming change of seasons and the cold that will assuredly come soon. Too soon.   I also thought of the brave souls who scale mountains and risk their lives for either a personal rush or to prove some point to the world. 

But more importantly, I thought about being permeated by mountaintop thoughts where we feel encouraged to begin again and create a new reality.  Just as Mount Rainier stands there on a sure foundation, we too can optimistically rise up and do the same.  Despite what we are faced with in our daily lives, we can look at Mount Rainier and gain the courage to stare down the negativity until it moves and fades off of the scene!

Lynn M.

August 15, 2020

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