Monthly Archives: September 2020

Summer’s End 2020!

As we share our gifts,
We overcome those tiffs.

And with this summer’s end,
We truly turn the bend.

And look for bright, new hope,
Freshly armed, we can cope.

With whatever that comes,
We can handle with sums,

Of vested skills, know-how,
With an unwrinkled brow!

Lynn M.
September 26, 2020

March On!

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Perhaps Mother Teresa’s poem Anyway says it best when she graciously reminded us to rise above people’s comments and opinions. She wrote, If are you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.”

Unfortunately, many people are entertained by petty gossip and hearsay. It is never a safe pastime, but it easily fills the voids in many people’s personal lives. Every day, we hear something about what someone said or did, but the sources are often neither tangible nor reliable. It is merely inexpensive entertainment for the bored.

If we ever find ourselves caught up in the word flow, it behooves us to try to rise above it. We simply lift ourselves and float above the contentious fray. We know within ourselves what we have and have not done, and we know what is in our own hearts. However, accusatory people tend to think that others think like them and can do what they themselves would do. How erroneous!

We may even find ourselves amid some firestorm and not have clarity about the details. We feel the rustling movement and hear the fluttering of angst wings, but we are too busy taking care of our own affairs and do not give it much credence. We seem to be in the dark but maybe it is for the best. We give a brief pause, shake our heads, and think of Shakespeare’s title, ‘Much Ado About Nothing.’

After we forgive the immature babblers, we step over the Lilliputians or the little people as a dear friend advised me to do. Og Mandino wrote, “I will make allowances for his anger and irritation of today for he knows not the secret of controlling his mind (From: The Greatest Salesman in the World).

We brush off the debris left by wagging tongues and continue to plant our new gardens. We prune the weeds and unwanted growth and enjoy the fruits of our focused labor and march on!

“March on. Do not tarry.
To go forward is to move toward
Perfection. March on and fear not
The thorns, or the sharp stones
On life’s path.”

{Kahlil Gibran}

Lynn M.
September 19, 2020

Remote Learning: A Poem

Remotely we begin the year,
Pushing buttons may cause a tear.

But we go ahead and proceed.
Though frustrated, we don’t concede.

Nor give in and quit the new way,
Since Covid is having its say.

Design a plan and stay the course,
Hang in there; lessen the remorse!

Lynn M.
September 13, 2020