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Writing Woes

Years ago, I read and taught Anne Bradstreet’s poem called The Author to her Book.  A friend had taken her work and had it published unbeknownst to her.  She compared it to sending a child out of the house with tattered, torn clothes or something similar.

I can totally relate to her woes as a self-published author.  After many years of rejections from traditional publishers, I was so excited when self-publishing hit the publishing scene.  A dear cousin tested the waters while having her own memoirs published.  Thus, she introduced me to Trafford Publishing, and I now have over eleven works completed through them.

But, using the newly coined phrase, “Here’s the deal.”  Rather than having loads and loads of notes stuffed here, there, and everywhere, this format allows me to put my writings in a book format.  And yes, I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars, but at least my sacred ideas are safely stored for those who come behind me.

I recently embarked on a new endeavor and tried my hand at a more historical work.  I wanted to finish some biographical sketches that my mother had started about some of her family members.  I had notes and little slips of paper, tucked in all types of spaces and places from interviews with loved ones over the decades.

So, I embarked on this herculean feat.  I write in longhand.  Then, I do my own data-entry or type as they used to say back in the day.  And though I try to catch the typos, some still appear.  It is an imperfect life that we live.

Also, with this project, there are almost 200 images and I had to put on my media specialist hat and manipulate and touch up the images that family members sent me.  Yesterday, the eBook appeared and yes, I see its blemishes.  The errors stick out in my mind and I feel quite like Anne Bradstreet.

Yet, unapologetically, here it is with all its imperfections.  As in any race, it is a start.  And the young-uns coming behind me can polish it as they run their own races because they now have a leg up from my writing of By Way Of?  Tracing the Johnson, Cooper, Cummings, Matthews and Dixon Families.

Lynn M.                                                                                       October 24, 2020

Refreshing Newness

Beautiful Trees

The change of seasons is refreshing!  To me, it mirrors the change of our thoughts.  As the earth rotates on its axis, we too continually evolve as we accept life’s ever-giving newness.  We discover that what was once important to us becomes miniscule today because it no longer holds our full attention.

We wave goodbye to past events and bless every experience.  Each one was there as a benchmark and phase of our growth. We simply turn the soil, gingerly water it and sprinkle in a few new seeds that will certainly yield a future harvest. 

As the autumn leaves fall to the ground and the trees display their beautiful colors, we too can show our hues of accomplishment. We can shed light on what has been gained from those lessons learned.  Like the fallen leaves, we too must cast off whatever no longer serves us.  We welcome the showers and sprinkles that both cleanse the earth and spiritually clear our minds of the staleness of yesterday’s bread.

During this season of harvest, we should carefully bend down, gather the fruits of our labors, and place them in our personal cornucopias.  We may be able to pause for a while as we rest on our laurels.  But, then after giving thanks and gratitude for what the universe has offered us, we will know when it is time to rise from our times of reflection.

We will be alerted and know when it is time to walk into our new season and enter new cycles of production. We are still creating and much like the Energizer Bunny, we should beat our drums and keep it moving!

Lynn M.

October 17, 2020

Autumn’s Bounty

Autumn leaves turn our heads around,
Leaving us speechless without sound.

The beauty of colors display,
The depth of hues having their say.

Reflecting light coming from trees,
Assuring hope and blessed ease.

Thus, nature knows that things rebound,
In new cycles shaped in the round.

Lynn M.
October 10, 2020