Days of Reckoning

It’s almost the end of 2020.  We are headed into the home stretch and close to wrapping up the year.  Truly hindsight is 2020.  It has been like nothing that we have seen in our lifetimes and some of us have seen quite a bit over the years.

This pandemic has hit us all like a ton of bricks.  We have been snapped out of our Adam-like sleep and awakened screaming, “Whoa!” “What?  “I can’t go outside?”  “I can’t eat in a restaurant and laugh with my friends?”  “I can’t hug my family members or hold my elderly parent’s hand?”  “What is happening?”

Some of us have asked, “What will I do with myself?”  Slowly, many of us realize that we have never been alone with our thoughts. We are being forced to take a break from the world’s madness and take a deep dive within our own souls.

We have watched enough television and reruns to fill us to the brim.  At some point, we must end the Zoom and Google Meets meetings, stop scrolling on the phone and take a step back in time to the medieval era.  In the silence, we might slowly begin to come to our senses as we pretend that there is no Internet, social media nor any technology.  We might even notice the beauty of the rising and the setting suns.

Some may even be inclined to pick up a pen and a piece of paper and try a little journaling. As we jot down our true feelings about a host of things, the debris, filth, and negativity of the past will surely rise to the surface.  We must face them so that they can forever be erased from our consciousness. 

As we look at what has been holding us back, we start the clearing and cleansing process.  We get out the soap and water and clean and continually take out the trash and until we feel that we have completed the catharsis.  We realize that the pandemic has brought its rewards because it made us slow down, think and conduct some overdue inner house cleaning.

Then, we are free to pray, go into a Zen mode, hold some Yoga positions or whatever brings us a sense of tranquility.  When our souls feel purified and we have a squeaky clean, glistening feeling, then we know that we have reached the other side of the murky river. 

We are now more prepared to run that last lap of the indelible 2020 and are almost ready for 2021.  We count our blessings as we take a quick look over our shoulders and think of those who will not see 2021, because they left us in 2020.  We breathe in again and exhale more pain.  We now have had some days of reckoning!

  Push play and take a thoughtful journey with Charlene as she sings, “I’ve Never Been to Me.”

Lynn M.                               November 8, 2020

I’ve Never Been to Me by Charlene

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