In the Zone!

I recently attended my first Zoom Writers’ Conference and I recall one writer’s comment while speaking to the audience. She mentioned that she reread something that she had written and could not believe that she had actually written it!

I also revisited one of my first books, Traveling Streams: A Reflective Journey and some of the writings are over twenty years old. I sat at the lake and reread my own writings and like her, I was entertained as if I was experiencing this for the first time. I inaudibly asked, “Did I write this?” Then, I thought, “I must have really been in the zone!”

I relived each setting and scene that I described in the book as I was reconnected with those events from the past. As the dots connected like points in a maze, I silently bowed my head with a host of affirmative yeps, amens and checks as I agreed with every word.

When we successfully capture what occurred while inviting others in to take a vicarious excursion with us, then we have truly written from memory and recollection. In a trance-like state, we have unleashed our trains of thought and filled up the page with choice words.

If we are lucky, others have packed their bags and traveled with us while we were deeply transfixed on our intentions. They were both mesmerized and entertained and we as writers have found our purpose as we shared while in the zone!

Lynn M.

December 12, 2020

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