Our Call!

These pandemic times have awakened high waves of turbulent emotions in many of us.  Several feel that their senses’ of normalcy have been taken away from them and they are angry about it.  Thus, fractured nerves, illnesses and staggering numbers of death have shaken us all.

But we are not children throwing temper tantrums because some of our comforts are no longer in place.  Many are feeling misplaced rage and don’t know who to lash out against. Yet, we are adults who model correct behavior to our children who are silently watching, taking it all in and stuffing our actions into their memory banks.

What type of video are we creating for them?  Good footage or earth-shattering footage?  Let’s face it, they do emulate us.  They do what they see not what we say they should do.

For all we know, this could be the new normal.  Hundreds of classics of literature have been written about seismic shifts which forced people to accept unwelcoming changes. The good, old times could be just that.  Good memories of times that have floated by.

What will we do?  Accept the change and as Gladys Knight and the Pips sang, “Make the best of a bad situation?”  Or will we pout, throw things, scream and destroy the peace of those around us? Perhaps, we should recheck the calendar and year of our births. 

Are we babes, teens or adults?  Then, as Prince sang, “We should act our age and not our shoe size.”  Take a deep breath in, then exhale.  We are full-fledged adults and we can act like those who are expected to calm the waves.  It is our call.

Lynn M.

January 30, 2021

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