Out of the Ashes!

Though the horrors of the pandemic were multiple, we now see blessings flowing forth.  Many of us are rethinking our lifestyles. Families have been forced to be in the same tight spaces for over a year now.  Many within  the family are really getting to know each other better or in some cases for the first time.

We have fallen back to basics as it was in the Leave it to Beaver days  Then, it was customary for families to sit down and actually eat together and discuss the events of the day.  We are slowly remembering what really matters in this life. There have been fewer schedules of driving and driving as parents drop their children off here and there for this and that club or activity.

 People have had enough time to even consider growing their own foods and planting seeds for personal gardens, according to one news story.  Families are eating healthier because they have been able to slow down and plan menus as they keep good diets in mind.

Also, due to sparse funds, more chefs have emerged as creative dishes have been prepared for the household.  There have been fewer grabs from the drive-through because all are now watching how those dollars are being spent on a daily basis.

People have been begun to rethink wardrobes because high fashion has been put on hold for those who have not been going into the offices.  There has been less need to impress.  And, with the wearing of masks, even the need for makeup and lipstick have come to a virtual halt unless people are putting on a face for Zoom meetings.

Several are also rethinking how they do work.  Now, many are looking at diverse ways to earn money while eliminating those long commutes which can be stressful.  That stress can roll over and affect all members of the household.  A calmer breadwinner makes a happier home!

And lastly, people have started to find more mindfulness activities.  Those newcomers to the spiritual life are learning to cleave to quiet, breathable spaces as they seek peace, calm and wholeness.  This pandemic has truly rocked the peoples of the world but as the Native Americans chant, “Out of ashes, peace will rise!”

Lynn M.

May 8, 2021

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