Sometimes life can catapult us into a web of darkness.  We may find ourselves surrounded by a subculture that operates at a low, slow medium.  We may be shocked by its foreignness and unnatural feel..

Things are nebulous, cloudy and unclear because that is how forces of darkness do most of their work. They energize through confusion and naivety of its victims.  But we who are blessed, learn to navigate this different terrain.  We may begin to discover that we have been gaslighted , redlined, bamboozled or any other negative term that aligns with abusive behavior by those who see us as sport.

But like seeds buried deep down in the soil, our faith is down there working.  It makes us continue and remain as we cleave to some unknown strength from within. We are sustained by this Invisible Knowingness.

We are being tried and tested. The alchemy is in its process of still creating though we have no idea of what is going on.  Yet, on any given day, the bud of new life reveals itself.  We raise our heads and behold the light which has been there all the time, stationed right behind the dark clouds.

We have wrestled with error and  trickery but we make it to the top where the light awaits our recognition . We realize that we are quite exhausted and we may have loud, snoring nights because we have been through a real struggle.  We wash off the debris, the filth and the stench as we get rid of those pungent thoughts which no longer serve us.

As the adage goes, “Cream always rises to the top!”  The dark night of our souls have been transformed into the newness of light.  The sun-lit sky extends its open arms and we move towards it with a lighter, higher energy!

Lynn M.
May 23, 2021


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