The Tally!

As we tally the fruit in our cornucopias, 
We delight in our gains from hard work. 
A feeling of calm permeates our being, 
As we begin to forget the pains of toil, 
The tears of anguish and tenseness from anticipation. 

We count it all joy because it is harvest time! 
We look over our inventory and do the checks. 
Things balance out as we stay on the path of rightness. 
We have kept our noses to the grinding stone 
And as Phoebe Snow sang, we now “Cash It All In.” 

As we smile for miles, we tarry forth, 
With a certain lightness of Spirit. 
We might even inaudibly hum a sweet tune, 
Or hear a timeless hymn singing to us 
Such as Blessed Assurance! 

Lynn M. 
November 6, 2021 

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