Judge Not the Former!

We should not judge others based what they did decades ago unless there is a repeated pattern of behavior. Just as Paul emerged from being Saul in the Bible, many people do evolve and grow into more enlightened souls. 

We are not the same persons that we were many years ago. That was a stage in the process of a personal evolution like the phases of a leaf. Hopefully, everyone becomes a better person who is more sensitive to the needs of others over the years. That is hopefully. 

Myriad experiences are like those pinions of light that change, alter, and heighten our decision-making. Quite like walking the labyrinth, people cross our paths to assist, help and open our minds whether through teaching, pain, or shock. Either way, we are made new and are no longer our former selves. 

When curious about someone’s inner ticking’s, we must remember that no one entirely knows anyone; not even families, friends nor spouses. We may know some aspects of a person, but we are a composite of years of living and walking this earth with many secret storage spaces. 

However, there is an invisible thread that runs true within people. If they were go-getters, that will more than likely remain to be true. Whatever lies deep within will continue to crop up over and over unless a deep cleansing takes place. Unfortunately, most people are not willing to take the time to get rid of the tarnish nor admit that there is a need to do so. It takes a lot of elbow grease and hard work to get a new shine.  

Lengthy periods of isolation, solitude, listening and admitting of shortcomings are required for those who genuinely want to become their better selves. They can then bunny hop forward on the number path of life, make new strides, and enter newer worlds as they leap higher and sprint onward!

Lynn M.
November 13, 2021

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