Life is An Adventure!

Life is an adventure!  It is comparable to snuggling up with a good book as we enjoy the journey of a special, fictional character.  As in real life, there will be battles to fight, dragons to slay and challenges to overcome as we put one brave foot in front of the next one. 

Good books take us on long adventures as we hold our breaths while our heroes and heroines fight the good fight. We pack our bags and take the plunge with them. We see Alice in Alice in Wonderland, Billy Bones in Treasure Island, Gulliver in Gulliver’s Travels or Janie in Their Eyes Were Watching God. Each one works to overcome individual fears and make it home again.   

As we journey through life, we also cross over into uncharted territories.  We may see scary creatures pop out of doors as in haunted houses in an attempt to stop us in our tracks; but we vow to keep it moving.  Whether we are battling addiction, toxic relationships, joblessness, homelessness or harsh criticism, we can stay on the road and push through to the finish line. Quite like the characters in the classics, we too have a beginning, a middle and an end. 

The good thing is that we have silent angels and helpers standing guard and keeping a high watch as we move through the invisible locks. They are hovered above offering us that divine protection.  And when we are tired, we become like the weary travelers who tell the tales.  We simply need time to rest, regroup and rejuvenate and tally our data. 

We can take those great memories and impart what we have learned along the way! We have a lot to share with others in the forms of storytelling, writing, teaching or in photography.   We are happy to say that we have lived!  

As the French grandmother advised in the movie, An Affair tRemember, “Make your memories while you are young.  Reflect when you are old.” With that advice in mind, we give thanks for the opportunity to have experienced such great adventures! 

Lynn M. 
December 4, 2021 

3 thoughts on “Life is An Adventure!

  1. I like the quote from An Affair to Remember, Lynn, but I’d still like to make some more memories before I start reflecting on them. Another lovely post, my friend. Your wisdom is always so timely.


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