It’s Already Done!

Once we slow down and come to our senses, we can pull back our proverbial curtains.  We look around and down at our feet and we may notice that it is already done. We used to sing that at one of our worship services in Atlanta.  “It’s already done!”

Everything we really need is right there at our fingertips. As one friend used to remind me, “You are prepared!”  Yet, somewhere in the midst of our fast movements through life, we forget that we had the wherewithal and subconscious presence of mind to continually prepare.

We did our homework even though we did not know exactly when this information would be needed for some future feat. However, we worked diligently and filed our work away in a safe place. And when the need arises, we can flip our rolodex and look through our files.

Viola!”  There it is. Just what we need! It has been sitting there quietly, waiting.  If it could speak, it would say, “I was wondering when it would be my turn to help you advance your journey.” After having that oh yeah moment, we pull out our trusty, gathered information remembering that the legwork has already been done.

Now, it’s simply time to dig in and get busy. Quite like a sponge, we can soak up our handiwork and we give thanks for the golden fruits of our labor. We can now ease on down the road with all that we need in our hands!

Lynn M.
December 11, 2021

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