Gee, Thanks!

For those of us who have walked this earth for some time, we understand that crises arise and we will need someone to hold our hand.  The Beatles sang, “I want to hold your hand,” and Michael Jackson sang, “Don’t let go of my hand.” Either way, we will need a friend or even better, friends.  Sometimes, circumstances can simply be too much to go it alone.

I think of those that offered encouragement, a listening ear or even physical shelter as the storms of life raged and my soul was tossed to and fro.  As I sought nurturing care, I have found that people give what they are capable of giving. Some offer heartily, and some more skimpily. It depends on the largeness of their hearts and quite like the Grinch, the heart sizes vary.

But when we are on the receiving end, we humbly and thankfully accept what has been given and pack it onto our wounds.  Overtime, we can go on and though we may still be the walking wounded, we can act like a song from the 70’s which sang, “Float on.”

We are then able to walk from underneath others’ umbrellas whether they were huge and expansive or rather quite small. We emerge stronger as we walk out into the light and face what we need to face. From their willingness to share, we  feel more resilient, more sure and mostly grateful for the helping hand.
Lynn M.
February 22, 2023

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