If a friend sees danger ahead, shouldn’t that friend warn you? But, just think, if you take the “r“( for responsible)) out of friend, you get fiend. Only a fiend would allow you to walk into a trap without screaming, “No!!!!!!!”

Yet, once you have been allowed to enter the cave of living hell, you can survive if you have strong links to a Higher Power. You can make it and jot down the many lessons learned along the way. You will learn that as the saying goes, “Things don’t just happen, they happen just.”

There is a reason for the daunting experience. First, you will discover who people really are. Dr. Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.”  In that way, you can more quickly get off the merry-go-round of questioning yourself and shaking your head in disbelief, thinking, “This can’t be.” Remove the blinders and admit, “It is so.” 

Perhaps, the good Lord allowed it to happen so that you would be less naïve, less gullible and more streetwise.  All of that! Then you will learn to “Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils” (Isaiah 2:22).  Remember that only desperate people commit desperate acts. You can pull out your trusty pen, journal your way out of the den and pray fervently until you can again see the light of day.

You will come out on the other side understanding who to trust and who to walk away from with the quickness.  And perhaps, you will immediately recognize the wolf in sheep’s clothing without so much loss of your precious time. Life is short and valuable and you only have so much time to do the things on your agenda.

And mostly, you will adhere to Shakespeare’s words when he described a dark spirit. He said, “A man may smile and smile and still be a villain.” {Hamlet 1.5.114|   Work on becoming villain-proof.  Yes, as you continually rub your eyes from the nightmare, just like cream, you too will rise to the top. So, dust yourself off from the shadows of despair and confusion, keep on stepping and glow as you go!

Lynn M.
May 6, 2023

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