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The Library Courtyard

Library Courtyard.JPG

An excerpt from:  Boston and Beyond: Tyre & Phoenix

Phoenix took a deep breath and headed north on Huntington Avenue. The library was very close and she arrived there about 9:30 am. She entered and started by collecting plenty of brochures to read later. She found the card catalog on the computers and typed in her first search.

She searched for literary homes in Boston and New England and got two good sounding hits. She wrote down, A Guide to Writer’s Homes in New England by Miriam Levine and A Literary Trail of Greater Boston by Susan Wilson. She followed the floor plan and fortunately for her, they were both on the shelf.

She took the books with her to read somewhere in the library. She did not want to apply for a guest card and have to return the books later. Using her library map, she found her way outside to the scenic Library Courtyard.  She sat for a while and realized that she wasn’t really concentrating.

The families and the children were pleasant company but she was continually distracted. She found the marble staircase up to the Main Reading Room. She sat at an empty table where she was able to spread out her things and focus on the task at hand.

Lynn M.                                                                                                                            June 21, 2017

Boston and Beyond 2