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Smoother Air!


What do airplanes do when they hit a pocket of turbulence?  They change altitudes until they reach a more comfortable path.  When chaos ensues in our lives, we must do the same thing and change our levels of existence.  We have to go higher in our thinking and take action.  Dr. Wayne Dyer said. “When we change the way we look at things, things change.”

Most difficult situations come to teach us something that we need to know.  Many things of beauty grow away from the light.  We may not understand what magnificent thing is taking place, but in the due season, it will become crystal clear.

So after wiping away tears and spending hours of precious downtime in the darkened closet of our thoughts, the fog will eventually evaporate.  We will witness how things fell into place and take note of all of the lessons learned.

Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Sorrow has its rewards.  It never leaves us where it found us.” We will change in some form or fashion and end with a clearer view. We will see that the so-called villains appeared to push us higher onto our correct flight plan.

We all have a divine purpose and some of us actually find it while too many others continually circle and circle around and never touchdown. Unfortunately, some are never able to put the pieces together and align themselves with the best courses of action for their lives.

Our greatest possible achievement is to land safely.  When it is all said and done, we want  to leave a blueprint for those who are coming behind us.  We should want our lives to matter to others and not be one who simply takes up breathing space.

So, when the next bumpy pockets of air encompass us, we should make a concerted effort to switch gears and ascend to newer heights.  Though we may have feelings of fear during these harrowing times, we must move on up a little higher as we change locations, mindsets and altitudes.  As we rise in our thinking,  we can make the necessary adjustments so that we can breathe easier in the thinner, smoother air!

Lynn M.                                                                                           August 12, 2017