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Thinking Allowed!

Libraries are quite like college towns. Both can be safe havens and places where thinkers can flourish. Many students rather be in the library during lunchtimes to avoid the bullying, boisterous behaviors, and loudness of school cafeterias. In kind, people who use their minds to do every day work appreciate and cleave to college towns. They often offer them a place to think and function at a level of clear-headedness. 

Some spirits simply cannot take the volumes of music turned to 50, or the brashness and crudeness of some subcultures. When referring to absent-minded professors, they may not be absent-minded. Their work simply involves a lot of moving parts and pieces just as an orchestra has several instruments that make up the whole. If everything does not come together, there will be noise instead of a harmonious symphony. Great results take both thought and skill on the parts of many participants.

So, yes, those sacred spaces such as libraries and college towns allow thinking. It is not only okay to think, but thinkers are welcomed, respected and encouraged by those who understand that yes, nerds do run it. If no one is thinking, the ship and all who are traveling on it will sink. The problem-solvers will be in short supply and few will be around to upright and stabilize the situation at hand.

Quite like chess games, methodical answers take time, deep thought and concentration. Rash, quick moves as in a game of checkers may give immediate results but short-lasting wins. Ultimately, no one really wins because the renegotiations will soon start all over again. Cooler heads do indeed prevail, and those cooler heads can find those hidden answers in a calm, peaceful environment where thinking is allowed. Oftentimes, a library or an atmosphere comparable to a quaint college town is the perfect place to truly get the job done! 

Lynn M. 
March 26, 2022