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It came to thought, “What is a hero?”  I immediately remembered Tina Turner singing, “We Don’t Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)” in the mid-80’s.  Also, there was an old movie called, “Hero Ain’t Nothing but a Sandwich!”  The title alone spoke volumes. 

Recently, we have been revisiting our concepts of heroes. Statues have been desecrated, destroyed and removed in the wake of last year’s civil unrest.  Many have been taking a second look at those people who have been placed on very high pedestals. We are being reminded of the fact that our heroes were human beings with extraordinary qualities, but still sprinkled with faults.  Shakespeare spoke to this in all his tragedies like no other. 

Some will go to unusual lengths to defend their heroes and silence the critics. They will painstakingly fight for a fathomed person that they never met, and ofttimes, they did not even walk the earth at the same time. They will scream to the top of their lungs if an opposing view is voiced.  They are like Charlie Brown who covers his ears and says, “Blah, blah, blah,” refusing to let any new idea enter that closed mind. 

That hero was still a mortal, and all mortals are flawed.  Perhaps, those shouters should learn the art of sitting loose and not hold on to anything too close. Then, they won’t become unraveled like a ball of yarn when others have varying viewpoints about their sainted ones. It is not personal.   

So as the statues tumble or the history books are altered, those with blinders on should try not to also tumble and self-destruct. They should instead focus on scraping away their own rust so they can leave a good track record behind. Then they can let the chips fall where they may and unveil their own inner heroes!  

Lynn M. 
October 30, 2021