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Where is Your Faith?

Calm sea

We must calmly advance ahead,
Using mindful steps in full stead.

Raging waters rock to and fro,
We must become still and just know.

Events will set themselves aright,
If we do not give in to fright.

The Master has an unknown plan,
Has us wondering if He can.

Remember us in times like these,
Trust. In His time, he will appease.

Lynn M.                                                March 21, 2020

New Directions!


During these trying times of forced self-quarantines, it is a perfect time to become still. It is a proverbial, perfect storm. Many of us are unable to turn down the noise, mute our devises or come to our senses after being overly indulged daily.

Every waking hour requires some type of hype and outer stimulation. The amped-up voices, yelling, screaming and even on-line trolling of people we have never met have become the new normal for many.

But now, the corona virus has brought us to a screeching halt. We are being made to take a break and pause as we realize that we are not the center of the universe. We do not make the world go around. Each of us is quite dispensable and if we do not wake up tomorrow, the dawn will still roll in, the sun will still rise, and the earth will continue to rotate on its axis.

Once we realize that, this is a good time to slow down or even come to a complete halt. After the shock of the swift changes wears off, we can return to our senses, emerge from the fog and see with greater clarity.

We are being given another chance to reassess our values and possibly change our paths going forward. For all we know, when things get back to normal, we may have crossed over into a new precipice. Our perspectives may be changed, and we may approach life in a different way.

The future is uncertain, but one thing is certain. We still have life so there is something or things that we are to do while here. We should get quiet, listen closely for guidance and return to some of the basics that have worked for eons. In calm, quiet trust, we will come through this phase with a more revered sense of direction.

Lynn M.                                                                       March 14, 2020


Alleluia- sheet musicOld thoughts, old remembrances flee from us like the barren winter days. We give them no power nor energy, so they have no room for growth spurts.

We now open the windows and allow the spring freshness to blow into our nostrils. It fills our lungs, our rooms and our sacred spaces with the newness of life.

As the birds have returned from the sunny south to serenade our mornings, we too lift our heads with voices of song. We have come this far by faith.

Our faith has sustained us, kept us and continually blessed us. It has been a shelter, an umbrella that has assisted us in weathering the sudden and predicted storms. It has watched over us as we stayed on our paths.

New thoughts, new cycles, new levels, new altitudes. New friends, new acquaintances, new joys, new insights and new hope surround us.

Yes, we exhale deeply and whisper, “Alleluia!”

Lynn M.                                                                                     March 7, 2020

Changing Frequencies!

eagleWe unknowingly travel at different frequencies like the radio waves. We follow what we know, what we have learned and what we have been introduced to along the way. Sometimes, we operate from a limited point of view or perspective but as we open our minds, hearts and souls to others out there, we may come to halt.

We stop and take notice as we realize that there are so many ways to approach life itself. Most of us agree that most people want to have a good life. Everyone’s chest swells with pride after receiving a compliment. Expressed appreciation for work that we have done builds confidence and our self-worth soars like the birds.

So, it would behoove us to find some person or persons that we admire and aspire to emulate in some form or fashion. We should study them, observe them and learn how they continually succeed at what they do on a regular basis.

The Good Book says, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold.” (Proverbs 22:1) A person with a good name automatically makes us smile. We are reminded of pleasant memories and we remember what that person brought to our worlds. Clearly, that person was flying at a higher frequency.

Persons with good names have learned to fly at higher wavelengths where the air is cleaner, freer and crisper. They have learned how to rise over the fray and contention of the lower, crowded fields of negativity and soar at higher frequencies.

We too can ascend and join the winners who may have to fly solo or in small groups to stay focused and on purpose. As we join the winners’ circles, we too can travel towards our personal destinations with greater ease.

What will we attain by changing frequencies? Probably deeper, more healthy breathing. More smiles and added miles will be guaranteed. More peace, greater patience and fantastic outcomes will be our rewards for being in the company of those more experienced eagles!

Lynn M.                                                                         February 15, 2020


OIPT4CEO03WThe other day my car was stuck on ice and I could not get out of a parking spot. I gunned the motor for what seemed like hours but to no avail. Two guys even tried to push the car out, but they too gave up after a while. I finally went inside to calm down.

If the car in front of me pulled up a bit, I knew that I could get free. So, after much time passed, I noticed that the car was indeed gone. I went back out and became freed because I had enough space to maneuver the car over the ice. Freedom never felt so good!

Lesson?  If a barrier is removed, we can graciously advance forth. But sometimes, we must wait for that opportunity.

After feeling quite rattled from the ice escapade and just when I thought that things couldn’t get worse, they did. I stepped on my recently purchased cell phone. To my dismay, the screen cracked. I felt that if one more thing went wrong, I would need to go somewhere and let out a loud scream.

But, I did not. Instead, I remained quiet, but my inner frustrations were pounding inside. As I was looking through a drawer a few days later, I discovered some phone screen covers that I had on hand. I waited and when I was feeling brave, I removed the broken screen from the phone. To my astonishment, the phone itself was in stellar condition. I was surprised so I threw the broken glass cover away and put on a new plastic one feeling a sense of delight.

Lesson?  Appearances are truly deceiving.

When we get in a hubbub over some small unfortunate circumstance, we first need to take a deep breath. We should take a step back and calm down. When we feel ready to dive in and deal with the problem at hand, we can then check out the perceived damages. Once we get a grip, we usually find that things are not as bad as they first seemed. Over time, we become less reactive, as we mindfully take action to remedy those situations.

Lesson?  There is always an answer.

Lynn M.                                                                       February 1, 2020




It’s the last weekend of January for this new year and this new decade. Take a moment to check and see where you are and how well you are sticking to your new vows and commitments while becoming a better you.

You have laid the groundwork for self-improvement but how are you faring? Have you unconsciously fallen back into a slump by accepting business as usual? Or are you truly trying to make a concerted effort to stay on the newly drawn line?

It may feel uncomfortable like breaking in a pair of new shoes. Change has a way of making your minds, bodies and psyches feel unsettled for a season. You may moan and complain initially but the new grooves will become easier. Thomas Fuller wrote, “All things are difficult before they become easy.”

In many schools, teachers assign jobs to the students to get necessary tasks completed as well as teaching them the importance of work as they contribute to the whole. They take their jobs very seriously. If teachers or substitutes do not give them ample time to do their jobs, there will be many verbal, orchestrated protests from even the meekest of voices.

One job is called line checker, and another is called PE checker. Both checkers must wait until the students have lined up and they then perform their jobs. The line checker walks up and down the line once the students are in the hallway to make sure that each person is standing quietly and orderly in a single-filed line. The PE checker walks up and down the line to see that each student has on his or her already-tied gym shoes before they enter the gymnasium as a whole class.

You too can become a checker as you walk your line and see if you are on your new track. If you have veered off course or fallen back into levels of recidivism, it is okay. At least for the moment. Be honest about your slip-up and simply pick yourself up. Make the adjustment and then look down to do a self-check.  When you see that you are spot on, pat yourself on the back and continue on your way!

Lynn M.                                                                   January 25, 2020

2020 Vision!

downloadRemember the phrase, “finding your bearings?” One would probably have to fall into a certain age bracket to have heard it.  Yet, it is a perfect saying to ponder at the beginning of 2020.

We may have realized that we have gotten off track, so to speak.  The elders often used the phrase, “coming to yourself.”  They meant that we had not been working from our own true base.  We may have become caught up in someone else’s agenda.

Or perhaps, the busyness of life just found us side-tracked  Our trains have, proverbially, jumped off the track.  Our affairs are out of alignment with the natural order of things and out of kilter.  Though things seem to have gone awry, we are still here.  That means that we have a chance to get it right.

I recently heard that January has the highest rate for filings for divorce.  Many of us have had time to look back over the holidays and made a host of New Year’s resolutions.

It is now 2020 and we hope to see life with a perfect 20-20 vision.  We begin with a fresher start while discarding the fallout and debris as we leave toxic people behind.  “When you cut toxic people out of your environment it becomes a lot easier to breathe” (#Say Quotable).  We can become more prepared to take on the next task.

Maturity helps us realize that it is not all about us nor the gaudy, the tinsel nor the shiny things.  It is more about how we can be of service to others.  Dr. King reminded us that, “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve.”

We are free to forge ahead with clearer heads, minds and souls. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. once posed the question, “What’s in your hand?”  He was asking us what we have to give to others?  How can we make a difference?  It is time for us to roll up our sleeves and get busy working with those who will most certainly appreciate our efforts!

Lynn M.                                             January 11, 2020

Peeking Back!

Rear view mirrorAs we get ready to roll into not only a new year but a new decade, it would behoove us to take a quick peek over our shoulders and see what we have accomplished. We too readily recall our shortcomings, but we need to lean in and look at what indeed went right in our worlds.

What do we have on our accomplishments list that was not there on January 1st of 2019? What projects did we complete? Which unplanned events did we add to our repertoire? What new skills did we pick up along the way?

Did we add any new friends to our list? Did we decide to let some older acquaintances go like the dust in the wind? Did we gain new items and throw out the old, tired ones? Did we continually add onto the baggage or did we scale back to live in a thinner, more breathable space?

Those are a few of the questions we can ask ourselves and if we are really feeling brave, we should take a quick look at the last ten years. Where were we when 2000 came bristling in? How many major life changes have we made since then? How many times have we changed residences, cities or jobs?

How many dear ones have we said goodbye to over that time span? Who have we embraced and welcomed into our lives? How have they helped us? How have they hindered us? How many people have we helped or hindered during our past ten-year journey?

It is a great time to be here to witness the beginning of the second decade of the new millennium. So, now we get a chance to not only put the events of the past year into perspective, but we can widen our lens and gaze over the past decade.

When 2000 was ushered in, we were all scared of the term Y2K. We were terrified that our computers would not transfer data and we were afraid of a host of other frightening predictions. None of it happened. We flowed seamlessly in 2000 without a hiccup.

So, as we ease into 2020, though things may seem unsettling on so many fronts, we should learn to plan less, breathe more and live in the moment as we ring in 2020 and a new decade!

Lynn M.                                                                       December 28, 2019

Are You Grateful?


In all things, give thanks. We are approaching Thanksgiving and we are gently nudged into counting our blessings and giving thanks for all things great and small. Though we may choose to focus on our woes and what-if’s, we must become mindful enough to note what went right this past year.

If we are still breathing, that is a huge and automatic thanks. Some people did not make it to this date and time.

If we have food, shelter, clothing and fresh drinking water, we should give a humble thanks. Many others around the world do not have this daily luxury.

If we have friends, family and beloved colleagues who share our daily lives with us, we should pause and give thanks. Every smile and hug offer us the silent encouragement to continue on our journeys.

If we have income or some means of sustaining our daily needs, we should stop and give thanks.

If we did not have to ask for a loan or a hand-out from loved ones, then we should almost shout out a thanks out loud. And if we did, we have to thank them for being there for us.

If we were able to complete any memorable projects that had been lurking around on our to-do lists, we should breathe out a big thank you.

If we are still able to get up and function everyday without assistance, then we should really let out a big sigh and give thanks. And if we do need assistance, we thank those who support us.

If we can walk, talk, laugh or cry, we should give thanks because that means we are still able to get in touch with our emotions and for that we should be thankful.

If we can cuddle a child or note the innocence in their eyes, we should feel a lot of gratitude for they are grand readers of the spirit.

The list is endless of those small, yet precious comforts that offer us those warm cushions when life seems to be too much.

We are thankful for that morning cup of coffee with that special cream that gets our motors running to start our day to that bar of chocolate candy that puts us to bed at night. We take absolutely nothing and no one for granted as we admit that we are indeed grateful!

Lynn M.                                                                     November 23, 2019

Thank You!

Thank youIt’s that time of year when we begin to make our slow descent into the holidays. Before things become totally hectic, we can push the pause button and take a look back over the past year. We ask ourselves, “What did I accomplish?” “How did I do?” “Where am I now compared to where I was this time last year?” “And more importantly, am I in a better place emotionally?”

To which of yesteryear’s woes can we honestly echo the famous Rhett Butler and say, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” If the things that caused us grief earlier truly don’t matter anymore, then that is growth. As the adage goes, “If it does not matter to you, then it does not matter.”

After looking over our shoulders, we turn and look at our current surroundings and situations and bow our knees and give a humble thanks. We count our blessings both big and small. We give thanks for our food, shelter and clothing. We take nothing and no one in our lives for granted as we cherish the rich company of those who supported us. We are even grateful for the agitators because they strengthened our resolve in some way as we kept on trucking forward. We now understand that the challenges helped us get to where we are today.

We give thanks for the village that offered both silent and audible cheers as we ran our race. We give thanks for all of our guardian angels both seen and unseen. And most preciously, we give thanks for having the wherewithal to continue to place one foot in front of the other and continue our journeys.

At times, we may have felt as if we were walking in a heavy fog with blinders on, but we give thanks that we stretched out our arms and felt our way forward towards a brighter light. So, we give a big hearty thank you as we hum a tune such as “Through it All.”

Lynn M.                                                                          November 9, 2019