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Eyes Open!

Keep your eyes open,
Peeled back. Aware.

As you enjoy these summer days,
Which are short though sweet.

Cook, dance and sing, if you want,
As you embrace life to its fullest.

Give life a big squeeze like you hug your loved ones,
Listen to the birds sing and doing their thing!

Take a few mini naps while the cicadas hum,
Or relish in the rippling laughter of happy children.

Yet, do notice the warning yelps of the dogs,
As you stay vigilant and keep your eyes open wide.

Do not hesitate to take in all of summer’s delights,
And the wonderous joys and beauty it imparts,

But, do stay in the moment, my dears,
And most importantly, be safe!

Lynn M.
July 18, 2021

Your Business!

In Your Erroneous Zones by the late Wayne Dyer, there is a scene where a dog is going in circles trying to catch his tail.  He was instructed to mind his own business, and his tail would follow him.  This lesson has stayed with me over the years, and I try to remember to practice this in my daily life.  

When I find myself getting off course and indulging in the daily hype of pop culture and social media, I feel like pinching myself and saying, “Okay.  Enough already!!”  I tell myself to snap out of it and check out my own affairs.  Are they in order?  Could they be more intact?  What can I do to make things work even better? 

I recently had the occasion to check in on some unfinished business.  When I noted the calendar, I could not believe how much time had passed.  When I had a moment to ask what on earth I had been doing, it became quite clear that I had been minding my own business.   

I took some time to make a list of what I had accomplished during that time period, and I was astonished to see the list of things that I had done.  It was comparable to Nehemiah who ignored the detractors as he focused on building the much-needed wall for his city.  I was so immersed in the projects at-hand that time just continued to pass, as it surely will do. 

It is important to ‘keep your nose to the grindstone,’ and there will be a less likelihood of getting caught up in what Alice Walker calls, stuff.  There is so little time, and we don’t have the luxury of wasting our precious moments by staring at other people’s affairs.  Wasted energy and noses in others’ business is a sure equation for ending up with tattered, torn lives that are in disarray and shambles.   

It would behoove us to take care of ourselves just as often as we take those self-absorbed selfies. And one day, we will have a moment to pause and look back and say, “Wow!”   Remember to “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1 (ESV) 

 Stay busy, stay focused and handle your own business! 

Lake Michigan

Lynn M. 
July 14, 2021 

Continual Hope!

Following your own path, 
Though filled with twists and turns, 
Filtered with high levels of uncertainty; 
Ultimately leads to a straight line, 
Designed specifically for you! 

Though it appears to be non-linear, 
With many oblique questionings 
Of both self and others  
Strewn along the way;
There is a master plan. 

By assertively placing one footstep 
In front of the other, 
Whether moving rapidly, at a slower pace 
Or even in a tired trudge;
It is imperative to ‘keep it moving.’ 

Who knows where the journey will take you? 
If you hold on. Work in the moment. 
And when you turn that next corner, 
Pleasant surprises could be in the cards, 
If you don’t give up on that continual hope

Lynn M. 
July 10, 2021 

Looking at the Trees!

Muir Woods- California

Sometimes we must put aside our tribal differences and focus on what’s good for the greater whole.  Wayne Dyer often mentioned the whole enchilada in his talks for he realized that a bit here and a bit there rarely makes a meaningful force. 

We all harbor hurt feelings or disappointments but ultimately we see that (as one writer wrote), “things don’t just happen; they happen just,” or more pointedly, justly.  The Rolling Stones duly reminded us as they sang “You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need!” 

Once we have shaken off the dust of dark, error thoughts, we thank our lucky stars that we were saved from the glittery, metallic doom that we had in view.  We could not see the thick, wooded forest because we were looking at the beauty of the trees. 

But grace reached down and scooped us up and we were saved from a greater harm.  We may have emerged from the dangers of the thickets tattered, torn and even somewhat disheveled, but we came out on the other side with clarity of purpose.  We walked out of the bush with new arms of wisdom, buckets of strength and oodles of renewed fortitude. 

We pause and give thanks.  We then delve into loads of self-care as we regather ourselves and regain our rhythm and coordinated moves. When we finally have the nerve to take a close look at our new reflections in the looking glass, we sigh, ‘Okay.  A little wear and tear but still in one piece.  Not bad.  Not too bad.” And then we think of J. Herbert Brewster’s poem, Be Proud of Your Wounds and Scars and know that we earned every wrinkle which equates the rings of the tree! 

Lynn M. 
June 19, 2021 

Going Through the Locks!

As I read a dear fellow writer’s book, Faring Forth Again on the Shoe (by Val Poore), I can easily compare it to life itself.  She and her skipper companion continually navigate the waterways and canals from the Netherlands in route to France. 

As in life, they cannot proceed on their journey without the skill and mercy of the people who open the locks.  If the operators of the locks are not on duty, are running late or if they even feel contrary, all advancement stops.  Period. 

If we are not shown grace by those designated angel helpers that the Creator has strategically placed, we too are stopped in our tracks. Sometimes, we simply must wait and ride out the tide until the lifts are up and we are allowed to carry on. 

Therefore, we learn to communicate, cajole, shuck and jive, so that we can get what we need from those who can delay or stymy our ability to move forth. Those who are wise, learn to talk the language of the people and acknowledge as well as respect their lifestyles, beliefs, and ways of life. 

I listen to Val and her friend, Koos, switch languages and truly deal with the temperaments of those that they encounter along the way. They know how to negotiate, banter, and recognize a good bargain when they get one. They have learned how to speed it up or slow it down with the keepers of the terrain as they maneuver their way through visiting lands. 

We, too must silently and prayerfully wait for the nod of the head or that gesture which waves us through meaning, “Come on.”  All these movements equate a green light which is what we want most as we advance on our paths.  Once we have gone through, we can let out a huge sigh of relief.  But just as we begin to rejoice, there lies another lock ahead. 

Questions begin to swirl.  Will the next crew be friendly or cordial?  Will it be easy or challenging?  We do not know.  But we do know that our confidence has grown because are no longer greenhorns. We are more seasoned. We feel more assured that we will know how to cross that next bridge or go through that next lock when we get there! 

Lynn M. 
June 5, 2021 


Sometimes life can catapult us into a web of darkness.  We may find ourselves surrounded by a subculture that operates at a low, slow medium.  We may be shocked by its foreignness and unnatural feel..

Things are nebulous, cloudy and unclear because that is how forces of darkness do most of their work. They energize through confusion and naivety of its victims.  But we who are blessed, learn to navigate this different terrain.  We may begin to discover that we have been gaslighted , redlined, bamboozled or any other negative term that aligns with abusive behavior by those who see us as sport.

But like seeds buried deep down in the soil, our faith is down there working.  It makes us continue and remain as we cleave to some unknown strength from within. We are sustained by this Invisible Knowingness.

We are being tried and tested. The alchemy is in its process of still creating though we have no idea of what is going on.  Yet, on any given day, the bud of new life reveals itself.  We raise our heads and behold the light which has been there all the time, stationed right behind the dark clouds.

We have wrestled with error and  trickery but we make it to the top where the light awaits our recognition . We realize that we are quite exhausted and we may have loud, snoring nights because we have been through a real struggle.  We wash off the debris, the filth and the stench as we get rid of those pungent thoughts which no longer serve us.

As the adage goes, “Cream always rises to the top!”  The dark night of our souls have been transformed into the newness of light.  The sun-lit sky extends its open arms and we move towards it with a lighter, higher energy!

Lynn M.
May 23, 2021


Out of the Ashes!

Though the horrors of the pandemic were multiple, we now see blessings flowing forth.  Many of us are rethinking our lifestyles. Families have been forced to be in the same tight spaces for over a year now.  Many within  the family are really getting to know each other better or in some cases for the first time.

We have fallen back to basics as it was in the Leave it to Beaver days  Then, it was customary for families to sit down and actually eat together and discuss the events of the day.  We are slowly remembering what really matters in this life. There have been fewer schedules of driving and driving as parents drop their children off here and there for this and that club or activity.

 People have had enough time to even consider growing their own foods and planting seeds for personal gardens, according to one news story.  Families are eating healthier because they have been able to slow down and plan menus as they keep good diets in mind.

Also, due to sparse funds, more chefs have emerged as creative dishes have been prepared for the household.  There have been fewer grabs from the drive-through because all are now watching how those dollars are being spent on a daily basis.

People have been begun to rethink wardrobes because high fashion has been put on hold for those who have not been going into the offices.  There has been less need to impress.  And, with the wearing of masks, even the need for makeup and lipstick have come to a virtual halt unless people are putting on a face for Zoom meetings.

Several are also rethinking how they do work.  Now, many are looking at diverse ways to earn money while eliminating those long commutes which can be stressful.  That stress can roll over and affect all members of the household.  A calmer breadwinner makes a happier home!

And lastly, people have started to find more mindfulness activities.  Those newcomers to the spiritual life are learning to cleave to quiet, breathable spaces as they seek peace, calm and wholeness.  This pandemic has truly rocked the peoples of the world but as the Native Americans chant, “Out of ashes, peace will rise!”

Lynn M.

May 8, 2021


As we grow and evolve, oftentimes we are surprised at the results of our efforts.  New buds emerge and growth spurts push through our watered soil quite like the new, colorful dogwood trees with that have recently reappeared on our landscapes. 

Yes, we have become more cognizant of the importance of caring for ourselves as we eat healthier, sleep more deeply and cleave closer to our personal faiths.  The pandemic has brought us to our knees on so many levels and it has made us rethink some of our former choices. 

We realize that our help most certainly comes from above and from there alone.  It is the only real source of answers to our incessant prayers.  We stop looking to the left or to the right to ask our friends and peers which way we should go.  We can see that they do not have the solutions. Therefore, we are less inclined to listen to them spew out their half-baked ideas which can send us further down the rabbit holes of despair. 

We slowly remember to clearly think for ourselves and recall that most of the answers are buried deep within us.  But we must become still enough to listen.  Truly listen.  Just as we can hear the birds chirp or the mourning dove sing his songs of lament, we will once again hear the still, small voice whispering, “This is the way.  Walk ye in it!”  We will feel more assured as we trust our own inner instincts to lead us forward.  And quite like the late Prince Philip advised, we can then, “Get on with it!” 

Lynn M. 

May 1, 2021 

Agape Love!

It is up to us to change the negative rhetoric and trajectory that has us on a frightening path.  And how do we do it? By slowly changing the mindsets of our children who will be our future leaders.  It will be their world one day and we can start by altering world viewpoints through them. 

There are no quick fixes for decades or even centuries of wrong thinking but as purifying rusty water in a tainted glass, it can happen one drop at a time.  We can add clean, healthy, soul-lifting thoughts one at a time and over time, the contents will look a lot different. 

As those piercing drops clear the waters, we know that there will be drips at the bottom of the bucket. Yet, if we keep mending the holes and continually pour positive thoughts armored with virtuous deeds, the souls of our children will evolve as they become more altruistic and balanced adults. 

They will be able to rationalize and make good, useful, and sound decisions. They will be able to push the ‘pause’ button when their guts tell them that something is not right. They will be able to think things through and follow the elders’ advice and sleep on it before moving forward. 

Then, with each new dawn, our future leaders will know the best paths to take which will benefit all people. They will have confidence in themselves and know their own values and worth.  Then, it will be quite easy for them to extend a helping hand to others in the strong spirit of agape love! 

Lynn M.

March 13, 2021

Decisons, Decisons!

Life is full of choices!  Should we turn left, or should we turn right?  Should we talk to this person or to that other one?  Is this a person that I can trust with my feelings or not?  We make hundreds of decisions each day and most are unconscious reactions. 

Some answers come like clockwork and we oftentimes rely on that gut-like prompter to lead and guide us.  Small signs and signals point us in the right direction and inaudibly whisper, “This is the way.”  A letter may fall out of a book or a card with a certain logo may appear and we receive the needed information. 

Choices do, however, have long-standing consequences.  The easiest and most popular way may not always be the best route in the long run. Convenient?  Maybe.  Productive?  Probably not. Those of us who are more seasoned have witnessed this time and time again simply by observing others.  We have learned that slow and steady does indeed win the race.   

What may be lucrative now may have some long-term costs that outlast the good times.  Those that chose the nearest way may find themselves shaking their heads and wondering, “What was I thinking? “ Or, better yet, they may ask, “Was I even thinking?”  They may have to admit that they were just participating in the moment. 

When we find ourselves at a crossroad of indecision, it might be best to push the Pause button.  Wait.  As many have advised over the years, “Sleep on it.”  See if it still makes sense the next day.  We may find that our viewpoints may have been altered to some extent.  We will know exactly what plan of action we should take and then proceed with confidence! 

Lynn M.                                                                  February 27, 2021