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Serenaded by Babbie Mason

Babbie Mason

Sometimes people don’t know what they mean to you because you have never verbalized it. This post salutes Babbie Mason, an inspirational singer and songwriter that helped me on a daily basis. I was listening to the Moody Bible Church radio station in the late 90’s while living on the north side of Chicago.

I was feeling uncertain about my life and my future and then this woman’s voice came on the air. She started singing and for me, time stood still. She talked briefly and said that she had flown into a foggy Chicago night sky, but she felt that she had to get there, no matter the weather.

That was how I was introduced to the moving music of Babbie Mason. Shortly thereafter, I moved to the East Coast and landed in Boston for four years. I went to a music store and purchased her CD’s. They sustained me as I sorted out many things in my life through my daily promenades.

I did not have a car while in Boston, but I walked daily often with my headphones on, and my portable CD player attached around my waist. And Babbie sang to me. She comforted me. She reassured me. She boosted my confidence and mostly, she gave me hope and my faith increased. Her songs are not the traditional ones, and she has added her own unique spice from her personal observations of life.

In her song, God Has Another Plan, she wrote:

“So, when the rain falls hard
And the storm winds come
And you think it will never blow over
Trouble under your feet
Nothing over your head
And you find yourself running for cover
Oh, God has another plan.”

I listened to her as I walked the Back Bay area and circled the walkway at the Charles River.  And, after returning to the Midwest, I listen to her when I drive or on my iPad. She always gives me that umph and energy to press on. Babbie Mason offers that pick-me-up comparable to a smooth rub on the shoulder, once again letting me know that it is going to be alright.

The Charles River-Boston

Lynn M.
September 3, 2022