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I Believe

When great spirits transition from this life,
I believe that their bodies may disintegrate,
Into a trillion little, tiny particles.

Then perhaps, God gathers those pieces
Into His Hand and gives a mighty blow,
As a child blows on a dandelion.

And then, those small pieces of the whole
Spread themselves into our living rooms,
Our homes and most assuredly, deep into our hearts.

And that is why, as we mourn,
In a flash, we see that person again.
We see their twinkling eyes, calm demeanor or quiet knowingness.

We recall our conversations as we unknowingly
Stood in the presence of greatness.
In our slow acceptance of this life change,
We understand that we have just gained a new
Guardian Angel who will nudge and point the way
From that new perch from on High!

To: Mr. Timuel Black

Lynn M.
October 16, 2021