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Phoenix’s Monday

Old South 2 (2)

 An excerpt from:  Boston and Beyond: Tyre & Phoenix

She pulled out her Smartphone and started doing some distance checking. She immediately saw that Amherst was out of the question for this trip because it was about six hours away. She then started looking for trains to Concord.

It seemed to be somewhat doable but it also felt a bit intimidating. She would have to figure out her way to North Station and then catch the Fitzburg train up to Concord. It all seemed a little scary.

She sat still for a while and feelings of defeat poured in and took over. She got up and found the copy machine and made copies of the title pages and other key pages from each book.

Phoenix packed up her belongings, left the books at the librarian’s desk and headed out of the library on the Dartmouth side. She sat on the steps facing Copley Square with many other people who were camped out there. Her shoulders slumped as she tried to think clearly.

She looked to her left and saw a church. She decided to go across Boylston Street and she entered the Old South Church. She found a pew and sat quietly. She fought back the tears and remained there until she felt calm and focused.

Boston and Beyond 2

Lynn M.                                                                                                           June 10, 2017