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Peace Be Still!

waterfall   As  educators, we always seek ways to create and maintain peaceful environments. Most conflicts among the children seem to come after lunch or recess. They often return to the classroom with some levels of angst after having had a rift with someone.

We make efforts to promote peace through sharing circles, conflict-resolution talks, soft music, deep- breathing exercises and a host of other activities. Yet, like the children, we adults also search for ways to get a grip and calm down.

After being showered with endless news clips and news bites, our heartbeats unknowingly accelerate at higher rates. If we are not careful about our intake of the negative, we border on high levels of anxiety with heightened heart palpitations.

At some point, we must take control as we strive to do with the youngsters. We can push the mute or off button and totally disconnect from the merry-go-round. After we have come to our senses, we should ask ourselves these questions. “What does this information have to do with me? Will it affect my daily existence?’

If we are honest, we will realize that it really has nothing to do with us. Though it may seem both addictive and entertaining, we come to see that we have been in a hubbub over nothing quite like Shakespeare’s play title,, Much Ado About Nothing.”

So, we must practice what we preach to the children. We, too must calm down, take deep breaths, or retreat if necessary. B.J. Hoff’s poem A Quiet Heart is a great way to help us locate our peace, once we become still.

A Quiet Heart
Make the most
Of quiet hours;

Let your heart
Be calm and still…

Believe this day
Will bring a gift

   To lift your spirit…
And it will.

Lynn M.                                                                                               January 18, 2020

Balms of Peace!

blue doveAs things seem to spiral out of control,
We go deep within to find our role.

In assuaging the waves of turbulence,
Talking down others to help them make sense.

Of what appears to be rifts without reason,
Against the grain of this holy season.

Help others to find their centers of calm,
Speak gentle, soothing tones to heal with balm.

Those powerful kernels of central peace,
Brought forth will make all upset simply cease!

Lynn M.                                                                      December 7, 2019