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An Abundant Life!

Abundance is a state of mind, 
It gathers when we are most kind. 

Yes, dollars and wealth are a part, 
But a warm heart helps map the chart. 

Some have much money in the bank, 
But can’t cope when emotions tank. 

A clear conscience, strong faith and love, 
Help balance life like a sweet dove! 

Lynn M. 
November 19, 2022 

November Morn!

The clear November morning, 
Creeps into my window like a mist. 

Birds chirp softly bidding us farewell, 
Before their winter flights to warmer places.

I hear gentle and subtle nudges whispering, 
“This is the way. Walk ye in it.” 

Thus, I continue my ever-meandering journey, 
Going forward to meet more good, without a backward glance. 

Lynn M. 
November 2, 2022 


If you once built part of your dream,    
And lost the artifacts? Don’t scream. 

There’s an everlasting fountain, 
To help you rebuild your mountain. 

That inner substance within you, 
Will aid in creating things new. 

You either have it, or do not, 
But you do! So, restore your lot! 

Lynn M.
August 19, 2022

Brand New!

Hey!  It is a brand New Year.
Time to wipe away that tear.
From affronts of yesteryear.
No more crying in your beer!

Let it all go far away!
It’s now time to have your say,
On who sits on your front row,
Not those that operate low!

It’s time to rise and play,
With those who mold good clay.
And sow good seeds that do grow,
Germinate, though sometimes slow.

Lift your head and clean off the dust,
Scrub and get rid of that rust.
Sparkle, shine and forge ahead,
The lit path guides.  Enough said!

Lynn M.
January 22, 2022


It is that season,
When we must reason.

We look at life straight,
All things, we must rate.

Dividends show up,
Hard work fills that cup.

God’s mercy appears,
Now, fewer arrears.

Blessed beyond belief.
What a big relief!

Lynn M.
December 18, 2021

Ode to a Grifter

If  you just leave, I can again breathe,
Your actions have dismantled my sheath.

I am quite depleted and worn down,
My substance has wavered. Please no sound.

I need to be quiet; alone now,
So then, I can unfurrow my brow.

As my cisterns and cups fill back up,
After you continually did sup.

So, just go away and do go far,
No more to give. You lowered the bar.

As my lungs expand with that fresh air,
I can push ahead with little care.

Lynn M.
October 2, 2021


I’m not a dime that you dropped on the sidewalk,
As you kept walking ’cause your pockets were overflowing.

But when lean times set in,
You came back around the block, remembering me.

You spotted me and thought, “Voila! There she blows.”
But when you bent down to pick me up, I didn’t budge.

I looked available, but now I am immersed into the pavement.
I am no longer a lost dime. I am an engraved star.

Cemented in place as you are forever reminded,
Of what you overlooked.

Lynn M.
May 30, 2021


We are all reopening now!
The pandemic made us stop, bow,

Our heads and pray to Him above,
To have mercy and send His love.

Beaconing rainbows did appear,
Signaling good omens are near.

Green light! Second chances to know
Whose in charge and Who loves us so.

Let us not forget as we go,
Forward. Walk gently and just know,

Kindness counts. Do practice it well.
For many were saved by the bell.

As we emerge from that cocoon,
Engage with Him and very soon!

Remember all that He has done,
Share your hope. Victory has won!

Lynn M.
May 16, 2021

I’d Rather Be…!

Oh, who would you rather be?
One with things, but without glee?

Or, one with a heart of gold
Gelled in an undaunting mold?

Sufferers whose hearts are ripe,
Are immune to all of the hype.

Blind to the false claims of self,
Not functioning as an elf.

Yes, those cups of eternal love,
Raise you high like a small dove!

Lynn M.
April 18, 2021

Inner Light!

The inner light does shine bright, 

We give with all our might. 

We share, for we are gifted, 

Helping others be lifted. 

Lighting lamps without a fuss, 

Hoping for those around us. 

Spotlighting the way ahead, 

Spiritually full!  And fed. 

Blessings more than we can count, 

Flowing from an endless fount! 

Lynn M.  / April 3, 2021