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December Bells!


Oh, the bells are ringing everywhere,
For those donations that we must share.

The frosty mornings waking us up,
Having us reach for that chocolate cup.

Roasting thoughts warn us of frigid air,
As we shop for those for whom we care.

Christmas cheers and smiles spread all around,
Holiday music adds to the sound

The season is here upon us all,
We etch out the new and have a ball!

Lynn M.                                                                             December 8, 2018

Girl Power!

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Oh, girl power. Girl power,
Spilling beans by the hour.

Like a bag filled to the brim,
No longer will lights stay dim.

Release it now. Let it go.
So your children can flow!

Sweeping no more under rug,
While heartstrings are in a tug.

Claim your places, queens of chess,
Speak out and tolerate less.

Lynn M.                                                                             September 29, 2018

September 2018

Cooler days of fall are upon us,
It’s back to basics. No time for fuss.

Time for the kids to go back to school.
Where they should practice the Golden Rule.

As they all learn to read, write and count,
The hierarchy of skills do mount.

September- a reality check.
Labor, work and use all hands on deck!

Lynn M.                                                                                                       September leaves                                                                                           September 15, 2018

Rockin’ the Heavens: To Aretha

Re-Re just entered that pearly gate,
Left us behind like childhood bait.

Trying to figure out who was that?
Sassy, feisty. She left no lines flat.

Here we are pulling up every song,
Wishing she had stayed a tad more long.

Strange. We feel like we know our icons,
Like we’ve partied with them on their lawns.

Their breaths and their cells, we think we own,
But we learn that they are here on loan.

She’s now been welcomed in heaven’s arms,
Belting out tunes. Turning on the charms!

Lynn M.                     August 18, 2018

June Images!

Splat, splat, kids dash at this and that,
June sun. Free. Hair not in a plait.

Kids can laugh, swim, roam, dance and sing,
No more school bells go ding-a-ling.

Blue skies beacon us all outside,
Much time inside- taken in stride.

Vacation plans neatly unfold,
New stories waiting to be told!

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Lynn M.                                       June 8, 2018

Fresh May!


Oh, the beauty of fresh May,
Smells of newness, we all say.

Ah! At last we surely know,
Warm spring breezes make us glow.

Endured winter’s frosty crust,
Now propelled forth with a thrust.

Into this calming, green May,
Planting smiles throughout the day!

Lynn M.                                                                            May 12, 2018

Happy April!


In April umbrellas go up,
As frequent rainstorms do erupt!

Flower buds push forward with force,
Leaning on the sun for its source.

It’s Poetry Month for thirty days,
Poems lift us from that humdrum haze.

Birds chirp and celebrate the earth,
Setting the tone for widespread mirth!

Lynn M.                                                                  April 8, 2018

Painting Poetry



As we approach National Poetry Month, I had the opportunity to teach the beauty of poems to a group of first graders.  They learned that poems are small, lyrical songs!

They each were given a miniature poetry book called I’m Glad I’m Me: Poems About You by Jack Prelutsky.  Every day, I would feel a tug on my clothes or hear someone whispering in my ear as each asked if he or she could go up to the document camera and read one of the poems to the class.

Their little voices filled the air as they learned to recite at an audible volume.  I had to often say, “Use your outdoor voice,” so that they would speak a tad louder and be heard by all of the students in the room.

They learned to locate rhyming words, saw poems written in shapes from other sources and understood that poems do not necessarily have to rhyme all of the time.  They saw  that poems can bring joy, laughter and thoughts of reflection.

I really enjoyed listening to their voices as they bravely charted the waters and advanced as future courageous orators. They were exuberant and will probably be looking forward to reading more poems to the class though the poetry unit has ended.

Plutarch said it best when he wrote, “Painting is silent poetry and poetry is painting that speaks!”

Lynn M.                                                                                             March 25, 2018

Breezy March!



Many shamrocks all around,
Pots of gold do abound.

Birds chirp of early spring,
Milder weather, it’ll bring.

Gusty winds clear the mind.
Loosening holds that bind.

Yes, enjoy the March breeze,
Glad winter’s gone, so sneeze!


Lynn M.                                                                           March 10, 2018

February Love Month

love month

Love is always in the air,
For those who reach out and care.

Extend yourself to others,
With the warm love of mothers.

Draw out the best from people,
As if under a steeple.

The way is narrow and straight,
See each one as sacred bait.

Sharing wisdom, hugs and smiles,
To carry them through many miles!

Lynn M.                                                                            February 3, 2018